Zro Bank introduces a digital bank based on blockchain technology

Zro Bank announced the start of operations for the general public. The digital bank will offer financial transactions in real and Bitcoin and will be the first in Brazil to combine the two worlds that operate with the help of blockchain technology. Other traditional and digital currencies will soon be available on the platform, including the dollar, euro and even gold.

Fintech comes to the market to change the relationship between customers and banking institutions. Zro Bank has been in a beta test phase since May with a base of 5,000 users. With the official launch, the application can now be downloaded to smartphones with Android or iOS operating systems. The forecast is to reach 100,000 users in just three months.

Payments via chat

Among the technological differences already available, making payments through a chat built into the Telegram network is as simple as sending a message in a chat.

Zro Bank introduces a digital bank based on blockchain technology
Zro Bank introduces a digital bank based on blockchain technology

In this way, digital banking guarantees security and allows users to create chat groups for commercial purposes, change the way users collect and pay fees between people, and guarantee a transfer, the maximum of three Takes seconds and is as simple as sending a message, which already works very well with WeChat, China’s leading payment app.

According to Zro, the conversion of Real to Bitcoin is built into the Bitblue exchange, but the bank guarantees that there are already other exchanges that have launched integrations so that the user can choose the best deal and trade between them within the same application.

“With a view to the world of cryptocurrencies, the application serves as a wallet in which the user can securely send, receive and convert their cryptocurrencies without having to worry about advanced security issues that complicate the experience of cryptocurrencies. Said Marco Carnut, the bank’s chief technology officer.

International transfers

Another highlight is the offer of a platform with multiple currencies that eliminates the friction between the traditional banking system and cryptocurrencies without operating costs. The next step will be to make international transfers available to every country in the world and open an account in dollars to make it easier to use the currency abroad.

“We believe that it is necessary to start from scratch in order to reinvent the financial market. The purpose of Zro Bank is to break the barrier that exists in transferring money in the world, create financial inclusion and return control to the customer who truly deserves it. For this we have developed a super application that points to the next curve in the financial market, ”said Edisio Pereira Neto, CEO of Zro Bank.

“We already have several countries announcing their cryptocurrencies, like China, the US and even Brazil, that have set up a working group for this, as well as large companies like Facebook and McDonald’s that are also testing theirs. People will need platforms to trade and exchange traditional and digital currencies, and Zro Bank was born with it. We have a modern digital bank that will change the lives of people who want to transact easily, ”said the CEO.

Zro Bank’s technological innovation enables an international bank to integrate traditional and digital currencies to facilitate international transfers. This has gained in importance thanks to Revolut, one of the largest fintechs in Europe.

“For those who want to dream of buying their first cryptocurrencies and don’t even know where to start, the application is perfect. It serves as a digital wallet in which the user can convert his balance into reais for cryptocurrencies within his bank and store it securely without having to worry about advanced security problems that have made the experience of using cryptocurrencies something complicated “, said Marco Carnut.

In addition, various banking services can be provided free of charge, e.g. B. TED, issuing proof of payment and paying invoices. During the official launch, the digital bank, in cooperation with Visa, will also provide a physical and virtual debit card free of charge and will shortly also introduce their credit card with cashback in Bitcoin. The central bank also approved the inclusion of Zro Bank in PIX, the new system for instant payments via QR code, which will be operational from November.

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