ZLC and the Alastria network have signed a cooperation agreement to promote blockchain projects

The Zaragoza Logistics Center has signed an agreement with the Alastria Association to support projects based on the development of distributed registration technologies, DTL or blockchain technologies, thereby promoting the digital economy.

This technology can promote the emergence of new business models in all areas of the economyThe aim is therefore that companies integrate this technology and use its numerous advantages, e.g. B. Efficiency improvements, disintermediation or traceability.

Alastria and ZLC will develop blockchain projects together

Both parties will be able to develop research projects based on this technology and prepare publications related to DLT. Likewise, The agreement enables researchers from the educational center to participate in the projects funded by the association and to collaborate on study plans.

ZLC and the Alastria network have signed a cooperation agreement to promote blockchain projects
ZLC and the Alastria network have signed a cooperation agreement to promote blockchain projects

Alastria is a multisectoral consortium funded by companies and institutions to build a blockchain-enabled semi-public infrastructure that supports services with legal effectiveness in the Spanish area and in accordance with European regulations.

However, participation of researchers from the Aragon government-sponsored education and research center, along with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in various Alastria-funded projects, as well as collaboration on curricula to train both projects, would be permitted for students and teachers.

This company will enable both companies to develop blockchain-based research projects and prepare publications related to distributed registration and completion of doctoral or master’s theses.

ZLC students can expand their training partners from the consortium and Alastria

ZLC students can expand their training with the consortium partners, and Alastria will work with the Zaragoza Logistics Center to promote global inter-university networks. Promote the formalization of multilateral agreements with private centers or public bodies that promote research and technology transfer in distributed registers in the cross-border area.

Zaragoza logistics center

The Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC) is an institute sponsored by the Aragon government in collaboration with MIT and affiliated to the University of Zaragoza, founded in late 2003.

Its mission is to be an international center of excellence for research and teaching in the areas of logistics and supply chain management, which works actively with industry and the public sector to develop and disseminate knowledge. The agreement with MIT then initiated the creation of the MIT Global SCALE Network, which includes ZLC and spans four continents.

ZLC Research Director Carolina Ciprés emphasized that the signing of this agreement “is a very interesting opportunity to unite”.

“For some time now we have been involved in research projects in which we are working on digitizing the supply chain through new technologies. This year we started a blockchain project that we would like to gradually include. In fact, we already have some in our training programs advanced sessions, but we want to make it more relevant, “said Ciprés.

For her part, Alastria’s director general, Monserrat Guardia, emphasized that ZLC’s commitment to the association “helps expand the blockchain ecosystem in general, and in particular the integration of this technology into the supply chain sector”. .

“Blockchain is an innovative technology that can promote the emergence of new business models in all economic sectors. The current challenge is to get companies to integrate this technology and take advantage of its numerous benefits, such as efficiency improvements and disintermediation or traceability “The world of applied research has a lot to do with this challenge, and the supply chain sector is a very interesting field for experimentation,” he said.

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