Zenft Studio sold $ 2 million worth of Bonsai NFT in an hour

While the near-term market outlook for many NFT projects is uncertain and several new product launches are struggling to gain momentum, a landscaping-themed tranche could have broken some records with sales of 8,888 NFTs in just under an hour.

The study of non-fungible tokens, Zenft has launched a number of 8,888 unique NFT systems that sold out quickly last night, with the studio selling each digital tree for 0.08 ETH, or about $ 220 at the time of this story’s publication. Bonsai have AR / VR functionality and their 3D design is an advance on previous 2D pixel projects. The studio celebrated the sale of almost $ 2 million with a tweet:

The success is somewhat surprising since NFTs remain at a dead end after explosive growth earlier in the year. New releases as Crypts They’re struggling to burn out completely, which makes the one-hour mark a special feat.

Zenft Studio sold $ 2 million worth of Bonsai NFT in an hour
Zenft Studio sold $ 2 million worth of Bonsai NFT in an hour

However, some collectors suggest that part of the success could be due to skillful marketing.

“I like the look, but it seems like people are trying to figure out what happened to the Bored Apes money printing machine.” said a prominent collector who spoke to Cointelegraph on condition of anonymity. “I feel a little drained watching the room turn into a celebrity pump and dump.”

Bored monkey yacht club, Another recent hit in the midst of the market crash, succeeded in gaining a passionate community, thanks in part to contact with prominent investors and collectors in the NFT space And, as one collector put it, where the whales go, the smaller collectors or “plankton” follow them (sometimes to their disadvantage).

In an interview with Cointelegraph, “8ncient Gardener”, one of Zenft’s three “gardeners” (or developers), said that marketing had played an important role, 8ncient “took care of the production of our gifts in particular”. Bonsai such a success.

“I think our art honestly speaks for itself. And everyone can rally around bonsai. We had monkeys, punks, voxo, sandboxes, camels … all these NFT factions have rallied around bonsai”, He said. “In a world of pixel art, we made beautiful 3D bonsai.”

The on-chain tests are a bit contradictory. There are currently 1,736 different owners of the nearly 9,000 bonsai, with more than 22% of the supply concentrated in two directions of NFT whales. From there, however, there is a severe fall with a number of directions that are less bonsai.

Although it is impossible to know the exact origin of success, Zenft’s “Grove Advisor,” “Justsomebonzai,” argues that digital trees ultimately bring joy:

“People really like bonsai, they’re pretty in real life, and they’re pretty much like in NFT shape.”

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