Zelenskyy warns of the resurgence of the “monster” of Nazism with the Russian invasion

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned that the Russian invasion of Ukraine represents a resurgence of the “monster” of Nazism, the defeat of which Ukraine this Sunday, April 8, was celebrated in the Soviet Union and still today in Russia.

Zelenskyy recalled the “Never again” uttered on each anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany, including by the Ukrainians who fought in that war, and accused of doing so since February 24, the date the Russian invasion began Set has remained on wet paper.

Zelenskyy warns of the resurgence of the “monster” of Nazism with the Russian invasion
Zelenskyy warns of the resurgence of the “monster” of Nazism with the Russian invasion

“Never say again. Tell Ukraine. On February 24, the word ‘never’ was deleted. bullets and bombs. Hundreds of rockets at 4:00 a.m. that woke up all of Ukraine. again,'” Zelensky said in a recorded speech outside the Borodianka towers in the Kyiv region, nine-story civilian buildings bombed by Russian forces.

“Our cities survived the terrible occupation and it took us almost 80 years to forget them, but we have seen occupation again. It is the second occupation in our history and the third in cases like Mariupol. The Nazis have killed 10,000 civilians two years of occupation. Russia killed 20,000 people in two months of occupation,” he said.

For Zelenskyj “evil has returned (…). In a different form, with different slogans, but with the same goal.” “They repeat their crimes and even try to surpass the master and oust him from the pedestal of the greatest evil in human history to set a new world record for xenophobia, hatred, racism and to count the number of victims,” he warned.

However, the President of Ukraine has stressed that “truth will prevail”. “We will overcome everything and the proof of that is Werwolf, Hitler’s former bunker near Vinnitsia, where only a few ruins remain, remnants of those who were considered great and invincible,” he captivated.

Zelenski has highlighted the Ukrainians’ struggle against the Nazis – then framed in the Soviet Union – and has suggested that his performance shows that “no evil escapes responsibility”. “You won’t be able to hide in a bunker. No stone is left unturned,” he emphasized.

“And there will be peace again. Finally again. We will get through the winter that started on February 24 and lasts until May 8, but it will finally end and melt under the Ukrainian sun,” he said, promising that the Ukrainian flag will fly again in the Russian-occupied territories.

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