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Zelenski says Trump did not pressure him to investigate Biden’s son

October 6, 2019


Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski said on Sunday that US President Donald Trump never pressured him to investigate an alleged corruption case of the son of Joe Biden, former US Vice President and possible Trump rival in the presidential elections of 2020

“They never pressured me. There were no conditions” for an encounter with Trump or for the sale of weapons, Zelenski said in an interview with the Japanese news agency Kiodo in Kiev. “He can't pressure me. I'm the president of a sovereign country,” he argued. “The sale of anti-tank missiles from the United States to Ukraine is not a thank you for investigating the case of Joe Biden,” he said.

Zelenski says Trump did not pressure him to investigate Biden’s son
Zelenski says Trump did not pressure him to investigate Biden’s son

In addition, Zelenski has pointed out that the Ukrainian Constitution does not grant the president powers to indicate to the attorney general or any other instance whether or not to investigate a particular case. Thus, he explained that what Trump meant during the telephone conversation is that “any investigation is possible, if necessary, since Ukraine will have a new and fair attorney general.”

“If the United States Attorney's Office requests cooperation in an investigation in accordance with international law, then, in accordance with national law, Ukraine may initiate an investigation by forming a joint commission of inquiry,” he added in reference to the content of the conversation with Trump

This is the first time that Zelenski speaks with a foreign media about the call of July 25 between Trump and himself that has led to the activation of the negotiations prior to the start of a impeachment or impeachment process against Trump.

The official transcript of the conversation confirms that Trump repeatedly referred to Biden's son, but the president denies there was pressure. Instead, Biden publicly admitted in 2018 that he threatened Ukraine to cripple $ 1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees if the Ukrainian attorney general was held in office.