Zarif warns that an attack on Iran will mean “total war”


Iran's Foreign Minister, Mohamad Javad Zarif, has warned that an attack by the United States or Saudi Arabia against Iran would be the beginning of a “total war”, although he pointed out that Tehran's interest is to avoid any kind of conflict .

Zarif has justified this statement, “very serious”, because of the consequences of such a conflict. “We believe that in a military confrontation based on deception is horrible, it will have many victims,” ​​he said in an interview with CNN.

Zarif warns that an attack on Iran will mean “total war”
Zarif warns that an attack on Iran will mean “total war”

Both the United States and Saudi Arabia have pointed to Iran as responsible for the recent attack on two refineries, and even the Saudi authorities showed Wednesday the remains of the missiles and drones that were supposed to support this theory.

“We will not hesitate to defend our territory,” said the head of Iranian diplomacy, who has advocated dialogue to resolve any discrepancies. “We have never started a war … in the last 250 years,” he said.

The minister has also criticized the United States on Twitter, from where he has accused the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, of “avoiding the obligation” to issue visas for foreign dignitaries who want to go to the UN headquarters, where the next week the debate session will begin in the General Assembly.

“A history lesson, perhaps, for my rookie counterpart: Nelson Mandela was on the list of terrorists in the United States until 2008, 15 years after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize,” Zarif criticized, who would be waiting for Get a permit to travel to New York, just like President Hasan Rohani.

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