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Zarif says that Iran “does not want a war” but warns that “it will defend its people and its nation”

September 20, 2019


Iran's Foreign Minister, Mohamed Yavad Zarif, stressed Friday that the country “does not want a war,” although he said he will “defend, as he has always done, his people and his nation.”

Zarif has turned to Twitter to respond to recent statements by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in which he said the Iranian minister “threatens a total war to fight even the last American.”

Zarif says that Iran “does not want a war” but warns that “it will defend its people and its nation”
Zarif says that Iran “does not want a war” but warns that “it will defend its people and its nation”

The Iranian minister said in an interview with the US television network CNN that Saudi Arabia should ask itself “if it wants to fight Iran until the last US soldier” and warned that an attack on the country would be the beginning of a “total war”.

“Pompeo has understood it the other way around. It is not Iran that wants to fight until the last American soldier, it is the 'team B' that seems to want to fight Iran until the last American,” Zarif said in his account in that network Social.

Both the United States and Saudi Arabia have pointed to Iran as responsible for the recent attack on two refineries, and even the Saudi authorities showed Wednesday the remains of the missiles and drones that were supposed to support this theory.

Amid these tensions, US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that there are “many options” to address the situation with Iran that do not involve a war with the country.

Hours earlier, Pompeo had accused Iran of committing an “act of war” and rejected the claim of authorship of the attack by the Huthis.

The insurgents – who have the support of Tehran in the context of the conflict in Yemen – already warned on Monday that the facilities of the Saudi state oil company remain a target that could be attacked “at any time.”

During the day on Friday, war planes of the Iranian Air Force and the Revolutionary Guard have participated in joint air maneuvers for the parade scheduled for Sunday.

According to the information collected by the Iranian television network Press TV, the maneuvers involved tactical, reconnaissance, transport, and refueling aircraft.

The head of the Iranian Air Force, Hamid Vahedi, said Thursday that these maneuvers are a message of peace and friendship to the countries of the region. Sunday marks the anniversary of the beginning of the war between Iraq and Iran (1980-1988).

“The parade will be held to show the strengths and capabilities of the Armed Forces and foster unity and sympathy between the Army and the forces of the Revolutionary Guard,” Vahedi settled.