Zambrano says the Maduro government will release about one hundred people arrested


The vice president of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Édgar Zambrano, has revealed on Friday that the government of Nicolás Maduro will release about one hundred people who were detained under the same conditions.

The release would take place within the framework of the dialogue agreement signed on Monday by the Government and four minority parties of the Venezuelan opposition, which includes a concrete pact to “urge the justice system through the Life Commission to apply measures of release in cases that allow it, “thus opening the door to the release of political prisoners.

Zambrano says the Maduro government will release about one hundred people arrested
Zambrano says the Maduro government will release about one hundred people arrested

Zambrano was released on Tuesday afternoon (Venezuelan time) after being detained on May 8 in Caracas by agents of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN) accused of participating in a failed plot to overthrow the Government of Maduro.

In the following months, numerous deputies of the National Assembly chaired by Juan Guaidó were stripped of their parliamentary immunity, arrested and charged with the same charges. Some managed to flee the country or take refuge in embassies before being arrested.

“It is difficult to have to resort to threatening your life, stopping eating food, to force compliance with the Constitution,” Zambrano said about his time in prison in an interview with the local VIVO Play network.

In addition, he has said that he was not allowed to interact with the “companions in prison”, among which he mentioned Miguel Rodríguez Torres and Raúl Baduel. “But we agreed by shouting to have a schedule of eating and exercising,” he said.

Questioned about the latest events, Zambrano has been in favor of continuing negotiations, under whatever format and name, to resolve the political, economic and humanitarian crisis in the country.

“Juan (Guaidó) has said that the Oslo mechanism is finalized, but tomorrow we can have another denomination of another initiative oriented within the same petition,” he said.

Parliament's 'number two' recalled that “over time the conflicts have been resolved through political negotiations” and urged “to make every effort to build peace.”

“We cannot encourage, encourage, or build elements for violence in Venezuela. We have had homes full of mourning asking for democracy, justice and freedom. We do not want more mourning in the country,” he said.

Guaidó has revealed this week that in the dialogue that began in May in Oslo and that continued in Barbados, he offered Maduro a transitional government in which neither was present to lead the country to a “real” presidential election, to channel the economy and open the doors to humanitarian aid.

The self-proclaimed “president in charge” of Venezuela said that Maduro rejected the agreement, ending the negotiations last August, because it was a “real solution” and, as he denounced, the leader 'Chavista' only seeks to perpetuate himself in the Palace of Miraflores

The opposition leader has refused to continue with the Oslo and Barbados process, which he considers “exhausted”, but has stressed that the offer remains on the table, challenging Maduro to explain why he does not accept it.

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