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Youtubers pay the day to street vendors in Mexico City so they can stay at home

April 15, 2020

The best way to fight coronavirus is by complying with confinement, however, it is not a secret that not all of us can do it.

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A reality that is commonly experienced in Latin American countries is that there is a lot of informal trade, people who live daily and who cannot stay indoors as the authorities ask in the face of the health emergency generated by the Covid-19 . In this context, two YouTuberos in Mexico have given themselves the task of going out to pay the day to the merchants they can.

Youtubers pay the day to street vendors in Mexico City so they can stay at homeYoutubers pay the day to street vendors in Mexico City so they can stay at home

One of them is the Mexican Ángel Villamar, better known as Antrax, who uploaded a video to his channel explaining the situation that many Mexicans live when they cannot stay at home. This young man donated five different people with these characteristics the amount of 3,600 pesos plus a simple pantry.

“I am going to do my bit, we are going to look for people who seem to need help,” said the influencer in his video.

Likewise, “Korean Vlogs” took the initiative to donate a thousand pesos to five different vendors who go out to offer their products to the street. Among them he found some nuns, a lady who sells games, a wafer seller, crafts and a senior man who is dedicated to selling bracelets.

“We have come out to do something good, we have come out to help this cause of staying at home,” says the young man in his video.

This is not the first time that youtubero of Asian descent goes out to help people who cannot stay at home in Mexico, within their channel you can already find several videos of their initiatives ranging from carrying pantries to donating cards so they can perform them.

It is important to remember that the   52% of Mexicans work in informality, according to the National Survey of Occupation and Employment, and it is very likely that these people cannot miss daily work or do it from home, let's show solidarity with what we can.

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