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YouTuber, who talks about cryptocurrencies, moves to Saipan to escape “totalitarian tyranny”.

May 21, 2020

Vin Armani, the cryptocurrency YouTuber and former Showtime “Gigolo” star, grabbed his life and family and moved to a small Pacific island in April to cope with the pandemic and the “totalitarian tyranny“Who predicted it would happen soon?.

Talk to Cointelegraph The founder of CoinText said he believes there is a good chance that if he stayed in California it would “disappear”because it was “undesirable” in the eyes of anonymous forces.

Like several prominent Twitter members, Armani believes the authorities are using COVID-19 as a smoke screen to enforce authoritarian measures.

When things got strange … I became very public on Twitter … I started making predictions. All came true one after the other.

YouTuber, who talks about cryptocurrencies, moves to Saipan to escape “totalitarian tyranny”.
YouTuber, who talks about cryptocurrencies, moves to Saipan to escape “totalitarian tyranny”.

In early April, he brought his wife and two children to Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands. This was just before the COVID-19 restrictions, which severely restricted travel options in the region, but the islands are a United States commonwealth, making access significantly easier for citizens. However, only about 52,000 people live in Saipan Thanks to a friend from the cryptocurrency community, Armani was able to secure a house near the beach.

Citing his involvement in the cryptocurrency as one of the factors that determined the move, Armani tweeted that his options were “only” [estar] quiet and not [decir] Nothing”, or Escape to the territory: “No IRS or ICE jurisdiction. No national guard. No real military presence. Very relaxed police force (almost no crime, no violent crime). No code enforcement department.”

Leave the USA behind

The predictions to which Armani referred are scattered all over the place several of his tweets. the 14th of March He tweeted that the government “gathers and” isolates “people based on biological markers to” cleanse the nation of disease “..

“We didn’t do that 100 years ago, folks. Are you really so blind that you will re-enter totalitarianism?”

More recently Armani was concerned about Big Brother technologythat enables tracking of contacts, and also because of the “fact” that the government regulates the types of purchases that four million Americans can make with prepaid stimulus debit cards.

Cryptocurrency lawyer since 2018

Stay active in the world of cryptocurrencies as a moderator of the Free Talk Live radio show. Armani continues to see the financial crisis as an “opportunity for a parallel economy”..

“There is no financial savior,” he said. “You will start to see how informal economies emerge, and the natural choice for them will be Bitcoin … you will see that on a large scale.”.