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Youth writes the future SUBES 2020 registration

September 8, 2020

We explain how to apply for the scholarship.

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Youth writes the future SUBES 2020 registrationYouth writes the future SUBES 2020 registration

Registration for Youth writes the future scholarships for students. This support is designed to encourage students in whom they live Conditions of poverty, in areas with a high rate of violence or in areas of indigenous and Afro-ancestry who are enrolled at a higher education institution of the National Education System.

Students who enroll in the program will receive 4,8000 pesos every two months for 10 months of the school year through a bank card.

The call, which opens this week, is aimed at continuity scholarship holders who received their scholarship in the two months of May to June, as well as new applicants. The scholarships are awarded in priority to Intercultural Universities, Indigenous Ordinary Schools, Rural Ordinary Schools, Benito Juárez García Universities of Welfare and the University of Health of Mexico City.

Support is delivered every two months / Image:

How do I register for the scholarship?

  • Registration takes place via the unique system of university recipients (SUBES) on this page
  • You will need to enter your Unique Population Registration Code (CURP) and register your details.
  • Upload the details of the bank account on which you will receive the payment. You must grant the Interbank CLABE and the student must be the account holder.
  • The account must be with a national bank that is not Banco Ixe, Banco Saving Famsa, Banco Wal-Mart or Cuenta Efectiva Jóvenes Bancoppel
  • It must be a debit or savings card that can receive more than two deposits per month (the scholarship coordinator will do a test deposit to validate the account).
  • If the student was unable to load a CLABE, the student will receive support from Banco del Bienestar.

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