Your company can (and should) push boundaries: Mariate Arnal

The director of Stripe for Latin America stressed the importance of using the technological tools already in place to sell them to the rest of the world.

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Your company can (and should) push boundaries: Mariate Arnal
Your company can (and should) push boundaries: Mariate Arnal

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“With the pandemic, we were five years before the introduction of digital topics.” This is like Mariate ArnalStripe’s director for Latin America emphasized the importance of this industry in a conversation she had with me on the third day of INCmty2020.

During that conversation, the executive emphasized that one of the biggest challenges in digitizing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the region is to accurately teach the different types of trade so that they can grow and think digitally as they grow internationally.

“The world is much more flexible today, there are more options, but you have to be curious to examine it. Go to google and search.

When asked how small business owners in countries more fearful of internet finance can be persuaded to adopt digital tools, Mariate said the key is showing them the ability to conduct transactions outside of their countries.

“You have to focus the experience on the consumer and think about how we can make the journey easy because if not, they’ll shop elsewhere where they make it easy for them.”

The expert emphasized the importance of using these pre-existing technological tools so that a company can grow and offer customers a better shopping experience anywhere in the world:

  • Marketplaces: With scalable platforms, you can match merchants with consumers.
  • B2B platforms: They help entrepreneurs reach consumers even when they are not selling a product.
  • Cloud services: They help reduce costs by eliminating the need to invest in servers and streamline processes.

“E-commerce is not linear. Understand these avenues and, most importantly, think that by selling online you will not only reach the Mexican market, but also have the opportunity to broaden your horizons, ”Arnal concluded.

Learn more about the tips the director of Stripe for Latin America left us in the video for this note.

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