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Your business will never be the same! Find out today how you can redefine your business purpose

May 26, 2020

The world has already changed and no company can be and work like it did before COVID-19. The end of contingency is approaching. Redesign your company now!

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Your business will never be the same! Find out today how you can redefine your business purpose
Your business will never be the same! Find out today how you can redefine your business purpose

The opinions of the employees of s You are personal.

The world is definitely not what it was before. And like him, your business will never be the same. You have to be better and adapt to the new environment. “Change is always a new opportunity,” he says. Juana Ramírez, CEO, founder and chairman of Sohin Group.

During his live class “Your business will never be the same! How to redefine the purpose of your business, “ organized by e IEBS through the initiative School at home, who is also partner and founder of Association of s of Mexico (ASEM) said that today, businesses need to redefine their purpose and the value they bring to society to be successful.

Amid human fragility, you can choose to accept change and think about reinventing yourself in what you can do instead of what you can’t. Start today and don’t wait for the pandemic to end, the specialist explains.

It is proposed to cover four dimensions of entrepreneurship: that of the leader, the team, the company and the market.


There are three important elements to consider: mental health; “Try to be very clear-headed and accept your own feelings. Find communities to share the crisis with and mentors,” he recommends. Also realize that we don’t know everything and that it is okay to ask for help.

Tips: Think about the common good. If you take a few steps back, you are moving forward. Document everything you do.


With this aspect, you must take into account that the safety, physical and mental health of your employees is guaranteed first. Also that there has to be good communication. “It will be a long time before we can work again, but we have to adapt the rooms, and communication with the teams is crucial in this process,” said Ramírez.

Tips: It’s time to maximize talent, have a lean structure, focus on results, have a home office policy that protects people’s free time and develops new skills. Remember that the home office stays here.


Don’t forget that cash flow is king. If the money is not in the box to guarantee the operation of the following months, you have certain livelihood problems. Today’s goal is to survive, not to grow, because today growth is vanity. You need to cut costs and expenses to the maximum and sit down to see the expenses that you can eliminate. Redefine a new budget.

Tips: Interrupting activities is sometimes an opportunity to take a breather and review your business plan and start with new energy. You also need to redesign processes to make them more efficient. Carry out all negotiations personally and show your face. Pay attention to interest on credit options. This is not the time to go into debt. Any other recommendation? Use the possibilities to extend the terms. And don’t forget that in this new reality, we’re all committed to having digital businesses.


Open your eyes wide and examine how consumer trends will change depending on the market in which you operate. Maximize the value of your product. Keep in mind that you will have a much more critical market with fewer resources that will need to assess how much value your product or service will add to it. Segment your target group better, identify your main focus and the customers who will buy from you, and focus your target groups on this target.

Tips: Humanize yourself, connect with your purpose and your social impact. Rediscovering your purpose has to do with what you would do without being paid, with your passion for life and learning, defining what happiness is to you. “If you work on what makes you happy, you are a successful person, which also has to do with a passion for life.”

Take the full class of Juana into the video of this article and start redefining your purpose and that of your company from now on.

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