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You wouldn’t understand Latin America

September 8, 2020

For a few months now, the phrase “Argentina, you would not understand” has been enjoying some popularity in the networks, eventually becoming a personalized meme from a movie. Prayer has served the Argentines in explaining crazy things that only seem to happen in the Albiceleste nation. When a march went out to ask for security and they robbed them or made a call to a prison and a prisoner answered the phone. Nonsense.

But even if it hurts us. The term could be used for all of Latin America, whether we like it or not, we are a region where we are in solidarity when we share our misfortunes in more or less similar ways.

Corruption, poverty, underdevelopment and extreme crime are common elements among us. A corrupt corporation can bond with the presidents of almost any country in the region, and the overthrow of a law firm specializing in offshore corporations can rock Congressmen, MPs and senators across Latin America. Regardless of its ideological position, mismanagement seems to be a common element in Latin American politics.

You wouldn’t understand Latin AmericaYou wouldn’t understand Latin America

But come on, I’m not saying anything new. With this article, I don’t want to bring out something that Latin Americans, from the poorest to the richest, are familiar with. They leave the joke in the middle that a Latino doesn’t need sex because the state … and they will surely get it. As you just did, dear reader.

While it is obvious, it needs to be emphasized. The Latino doesn’t trust the figure of the state, or at least shouldn’t. And without wanting to sound anarcho-capitalist or critic of state personalities, the state actions of our region have not earned our trust.

What does all of this criticism have to do with Bitcoin? You have to see everything. Despite the fact that Satoshi Nakamoto created this asset in a political and economic environment very different from what Latin Americans can experience, his idea fits perfectly as a solution for our environment.

Aside from the scarcity that made us think speculative or the stock-to-flow model that made us dream of $ 288,000 per currency, the best thing we have here is the option of a decentralized hard currency with no dependency to have our dear and cherished Latin American states and that it is available to each of us.

Stop for a moment and evaluate this. We have the opportunity to be free from the economic incapacity of our dear officials. Inflation, waste or the little trip to Europe for the minister’s thirteenth mistress, all of these are left behind.

And yes, this may not make sense to a European, American, or Asian, and it makes sense that when their states are working, they don’t understand the need to respond to a failed state. So I mention that this article focuses on remembering “Latin America You Wouldn’t Understand”. If you want to understand, foreign friend, I invite you to come and live with our needs, after all there is a risk that you can stay.

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