You will not retire like your parents did. Are you ready to take care of the ‘old you’?

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Let me tell you a fictional story with a touch of devastating realism:

You will not retire like your parents did. Are you ready to take care of the ‘old you’?
You will not retire like your parents did. Are you ready to take care of the ‘old you’?

It is the year 2050 when a person who is 35 years old today will retire at 65. Imagine if this person – who we will call Juan because she gave him a name – never thought she would reach his Retirement age or didn’t mind saving.

In this not-too-distant future (we’re only talking 30 years) this person lives cracking his fingers and wondering what he will eat tomorrow. Juan wasn’t poor, but now he is. He’s poor and he’s old. He lacks strength and his memories fade over the years. You have a lot of complaints and worries. Friends, family and illusions have run out.

Juan, like many others, thought he would go on work at his age as “occupational therapy” but today he suffers from 12 hour shifts in exchange for a third of what he previously earned go into retirement.

He forgot (or didn’t know) that when he retired he would receive less than 30% of his last salary, barely enough money to cover basic expenses. He didn’t think of the fact that with 65 years and older he would naturally get sick more often and that the endless waiting in the social insurance It would make him sicker and more exhausted.

Juan had the opportunity to save a few cents, but preferred to trust that “God would take care of it”. But God is also in crisis today.

He didn’t save a penny because he was sure that his children would “help” him and that they would have at least 10 years without knowing anything about them. Others who are less fortunate than Juan continue to support their “boys” who are already around 50 years old.

Like many others, Juan did not save, he did not prevent himself. He didn’t care or maybe he didn’t even know. He didn’t have enough information to make better decisions and wasn’t looking for it. He thought that time would not reach him. He imagined that he would retire at 85 and die a few years later, and he took, ate, and lived how much weight fell on his hands. At the end of the day you break your soul for it at work.

Today Juan can no longer work, but he continues to do it because he only has the courage to hold on to life, no matter how sad and tired it may seem at times.

Don’t be like Juan

Does the story I just told you seem exaggerated? What if I told you it could happen to you?

In a few years we will see the first “generation PREVIOUSLY“: Those people who switched the pension system to regime 97 and whose prospects are not very encouraging.

The bad news for those of us who deal with this law is that it will be a very challenging challenge to face the retirement years unless we donate voluntarily and in addition to our savings schemes. ca … nijo.

Either because we lack energy or because we just want to rest and devote ourselves to something else, it will be more difficult to find a good income over the years. Because of this, we need to anticipate and remember that we will still be living in retirement for 20 years (and there will even be those who will live much, much longer).

When we have many years to go before we retire, how can we raise awareness? It’s hard to imagine what will happen to us. There are people who say that they don’t even know if they will live that many years or they assure that they will die young so that they don’t want to prevent it in the future. But what if, on the contrary, they live for many years? What if they die by the time they’re 85, 95, or 105 years old (which isn’t that crazy)?

The good news is that the future will be more bearable if we save alone and do so early. The younger we are, the less the amount we need to save each month and the higher the returns / income we will receive during one of the most important phases of our lives, retirement.

If your dream is to reach the third age, to travel the world and live all that you couldn’t while working twelve hours a day, you can, but remember that you can save several million pesos need. If you fail to raise all of the budgeted money, you have at least a good amount to yourself. Better to have a million than 50,000 pesos to get through 20 years of life.

We have two sides of the coin that we can use as references to take action today and be calm tomorrow. For example, there are many famous actors and athletes who, after living in opulence in their glorious years, have nothing today and are in difficult financial circumstances. They had to save, but preferred to spend uncontrollably. On the other hand, we have those who fortunately foresaw their future and are now living peacefully in their 80s because they created a basis for stability for the present day.

The question is simple, which side of the coin would you like to be on?

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