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You will hold the first meeting of Ethereum Bogotá

June 5, 2020

The first meeting of Ethereum Bogotá (from Colombia) will take place next Saturday, June 6th. with an original dynamic that includes online reviews and cryptocurrency sharing for the value of two beers. This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish through a statement.

Lor’s organizers said they would use the example of an intelligent contract in action to explain what Ethereum is. “We believe that the best way to learn is to do this, so we want to help you create your Metamask wallet, see an employment contract, and get your first fractions from Ether,” they said.

Emilio Silva and Juan David Reyes will put the topics on the table. “They will share their experiences of creating,” they said. They also allow participants to participate to complement what they say. “As we invite beginners, we want experts to come to us to improve the level of conversation,” they said.

You will hold the first meeting of Ethereum BogotáYou will hold the first meeting of Ethereum Bogotá

On the other hand, they said: “In our first meeting, we will propose an activity that involves interaction with the Ethereum blockchain and in which we can also get to know each other. For this we use a smart contract, in which the lowest possible amount is paid with PayU: 7,500 COP / USD 2, including the transaction costs for the use of central channels (credit card, PSE, via Baloto, etc.). If users have crypto, it is much better. You can deposit under the smart contract from “

It should be noted that the meeting is free of charge. However, they made it clear: “We don’t really calculate anything. The money collected will be distributed among the participants based on their contributions. We invite participants to think about how we can drink some virtual beers and create a common (cow) for the community. It is a contribution that will remain among us and among the participants. “

How does the proposal work?

To better understand this original group dynamic, they explained it as follows:

1️⃣ Everyone signs the contract and we create a common fund in ether. It is a cow that is part of the community

2️⃣ We have a video call to share the value of two beers

3️⃣ Emilio and Juan David will talk about dApps that will be added to each other’s posts. Beginners and experts are welcome

4️⃣ We vote by acknowledging the knowledge contribution to the conversation.

5️⃣ We add the votes and distribute them proportionally to the participants. Talking like that is a “win-win” situation because you learn to interact with a dApp just like you get ether for your contribution

“The most important thing: you connect with people with common interests and we start to create a community where the contributions remain among the members,” they said.


The organizers indicated that they have several principles on which this initiative can be based:

– They believe that education needs a paradigm shift where everyone has a unique experience to contribute to the conversation. Knowledge moves in many directions.

– There is no obvious question. You want to create a space in which everyone is motivated to ask questions and make contributions. The answers of the experts are recognized and also the best questions of those who are starting to learn about Ethereum.

Different projects with common topics

Ethereum Bogotá and Coinosis are two different projects, but they share the same technology. In this sense, they emphasized that they promote open source culture and radical transparency.


Juan David Reyes and Emilio Silva Schlenker told Cointelegraph in Spanish: “We want to create the community of people who are interested in learning and sharing about Ethereum. It will be a space where beginners to experts in various roles such as developers, communicators and enthusiasts in general are welcome. We believe that the best way to learn is to teach and share experiences. “

“For this Saturday we will conduct a first experiment with a methodology that includes what we call a cow in Colombia. That means that they are all in a common bag and this will then be distributed among the participants. Contributions in ether remain in the community to create a system where knowledge is shared, this is the subject of experimentation and community building, ”they concluded.

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