Organized by Blockchain Colombia next Thursday, June 4th, at 2:30 p.m. GMT-5 time. The online meeting entitled “ML / FT Risks for Virtual Assets and Platforms (Exchanges)” will take place. The meeting is led by Luiz Daza and moderated by Typson Sánchez and Mauricio Tovar Gutiérrez.

Cointelegraph in Spanish spoke to Typson Sanchez for details and said the following: “The event is intended to learn more about the general aspects of money laundering risk, international standards and the Colombian regulatory landscape.“”

Then he added: “Here you will learn how to determine the most important mechanisms for performing due diligence checks in relation to virtual assets and service provider companies (exchanges) in connection with new payment methods.“”

About Luiz Daza

Luis Daza is the director of the Rissk Training Center and an international advisor in the fight against money laundering, corruption and risk management. Previously, he was an advisor at in Colombia and is currently an advisor on anti-money laundering issues at Panda Exchange.

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