You will conduct a cycle of conferences on crypto economy

DescentralizAR 2020, a series of conferences organized by the Civil Association for the Development of Decentralized Ecosystems (NGO Bitcoin Argentina), will take place on Thursday, July 30 and Friday, July 31. This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish by this institution through a statement.

According to the statement, the initiative is taking place in a delicate local and global economic scenario, particularly with currency restrictions in Argentina. In this context, decentralized cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are presented as alternatives.

The 2020 decentralization will address the emergence and potential of key digital assets in circulation and open the debate for economists and participants to consider new ways of exchanging values. The meeting proposes to explore the universe of social and financial transformation opportunities that these technologies offer.

You will conduct a cycle of conferences on crypto economy
You will conduct a cycle of conferences on crypto economy

It is an invitation to entrepreneurs, private and institutional investors as well as to entrepreneurs, professionals and the general public. interested in business and technology. Participation is free and free of charge if you register in advance by entering here.

“People will be able to participate in the current state of the crypto asset markets debate that is shaped by the Argentine, Latin American and global situation. Update your knowledge of crypto economy. Use or maximize the possibilities of the crypto markets for your personal finances. Understand the impact of crypto technology on an individual and community level and get in touch with the principles that apply to decentralized technology, ”the statement said.

“The origin and history of money”, “the future value of Bitcoin”, “how to buy cryptocurrencies in Argentina”, “legal and accounting aspects”, “the effects of cryptocurrencies in the third sector” will be some of the things to be among others topics. Therefore, A multidisciplinary group of speakers was formed, including names such as Lucas Llach, Martín Tetaz and Agustín Etcherbarne.

The meeting will be 100% online at, a platform that not only offers the opportunity to give presentations, but also offers a variety of activities to promote interaction and networking, such as: loading and requesting of business cards. Plan 1: 1 meetings between participants, personalized digital stands with private interaction via chat and video, workshop rooms, press rooms with stands for media partners and live interviews.

Rodolfo Andragnes, President of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, said:

“We chose this topic because cryptocurrencies and decentralized financing (DeFi) are particularly relevant in scenarios with exchange rate restrictions or with the appearance of currencies such as scales and stable cryptocurrencies (stable coins, etc.).”

Then he added:

“We know that at least the Bitcoin problem is installed in society, but we believe that in many areas the lack of knowledge is almost as great as the opportunity to use it, and we want it to affect the industry to prepare.”

About Bitcoin Argentina

The civil association for decentralized ecosystem development -DECODES- (NGO Bitcoin Argentina) has been promoting understanding and adoption of technologies related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain since 2014 and is confident that the contribution it can contribute has great potential to society , Company and state.

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