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You will analyze the status of blockchain and digital assets in Mexico

June 19, 2020

Next Monday, June 22nd They will meet in a panel convened by Anahuac University’s Business Accelerator, BIVA Institute and AVA Labs, five representatives of the fintech ecosystem, blockchain and banking sector in Mexico to discuss the state of the ecosystem. They analyze their actors, their challenges and adoption strategies for the benefit of the end user. This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish, Ricardo Vázquez, who is dedicated to developing the Latam business for AVA Labs and who will also attend the meeting.

The panel entitled “Blockchain and digital assets: the state of the art in Mexico” will be moderated by AcelerA’s Ana Paula Franco, who will lead the discussion. The other participants are:

– Felipe Vallejo, Bitso’s risk and business affairs

You will analyze the status of blockchain and digital assets in MexicoYou will analyze the status of blockchain and digital assets in Mexico

– Francisco Trujillo, Coppel Innovation and Strategy

– Santiago Rincón, Investor Relations and BIVA indices

– Angélica Arana, Banorte Innovation

– Ricardo Vázquez, LATAM Business Development at AVA Labs

“”The Mexico ecosystem has been an interesting attraction for the introduction of blockchain and digital assets in very specific segments, but the unfortunate outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be changing the playing field.“The organizers pointed out.

It’s so The five experts will conduct a context review and they will share their different views on the different market segments they serve.

“There will be perspectives from highly developed niches like BIVA and Bitso, traditional commercial banking sectors, the retail ecosystem, recently banked segments and the base of the pyramid. These sectors have a common need: the need for an internet of finance. These infrastructure / services that meet the specific needs of the sector beyond the proof of concept. A tool with high scalability (thousands of transactions per second), security (avoidance of individual sources of error) and immediate use, ”says Vázquez.

The panel will further investigate whether the context of COVID-19that has accelerated sectors like e-commerce, fintech and digital payments, This is the trigger that the blockchain and digital assets sector could use to strengthen its position in the financial sector.

It tries to answer various questions as: Will commercial banking take over this new wave of technological services? How would you do it Will the conformation of ecosystems increase? How is the financial sector redefined in Mexico? What initiatives are being prepared to provide more and better B2B and B2C services?

The event takes place online and interested parties can register here.

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