You will analyze the prospects of the blockchain in the autonomous community of Aragon

From Spain, The webinar will take place “Blockchain Technology: Current Situation and Future Prospects in the Autonomous Community of Aragon”. which will take place on September 3rd and 4th. This was reported by with an article published on August 28th.

The afternoon of September 3rd will focus on the blockchain community in Aragon. “Two round tables are planned. The first to know the diagnosis and perspectives of the companies that are already working with blockchain in Aragon. Among the participants are: Esther Borao, General Director of ITAINNOVA, Beatriz Royo (ZLC), Miguel Ángel Barea (Inycom), Sergio Loras (Oesía), Antonio Maroto (DXC) and Jorge Bescós (nova3interactiva). The second round table will focus on initiatives aimed at improving society with blockchain. Carlos Millán will present the Blockchain IOT Lab at ITAINNOVA. Daniel Labeaga will provide details on Blockchain Aragón and Antonio Lorente will do the same on Blockchain Zaragoza.

Legal, economic and financial implications

The article from describes: “These sessions analyze the legal, economic, financial and social impact of this disruptive technology. The event is organized by the Blockchain IOT Lab of the Technological Institute of Aragon in collaboration with the University of Zaragoza.

You will analyze the prospects of the blockchain in the autonomous community of Aragon
You will analyze the prospects of the blockchain in the autonomous community of Aragon

“The webinar comes with a double goal;; On the one hand it’s about know the most avant-garde initiatives around this technology (among those developed in Spain) and on the other Put value on the blockchain community that was founded in Aragonto be known what he is doing, ”said Miguel Ángel Bernal, Professor at the University of Zaragoza and one of the directors of the webinar.

There are estimates for the expected growth in attendance. And there is about a week left to register. In this context, they stated that in these conferences the business area will have a special relevance and also how this technology affects both the legal, economic and financial as well as the social area. Additionally, they believe there will be some students interested in how blockchain affects their fields of study. It is also expected that there will be many people interested in what this technology is out of the approach to use cases.

Potential in the community

Miguel Ángel Bernal put it:

“This event will serve to highlight the potential that the community has for this technology, and hopefully a project will emerge that the community can continue to maintain as a pioneer community in developing this technology.”

Precedent in Aragon

In the article, they recalled that blockchain technology was being established in the Aragonese public sector. “There are 25 contract files for executives who have used this technology to register bids sent for public contracts. which “guarantees more transparency” in the hiring process. ”

“Without counting Madrid or Barcelona, ​​which offer more opportunities by population size, Aragon is a pioneer in using this technology in public spaces,” they added.

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