You want to contribute to the financial inclusion of Colombia with the Celo blockchain protocol

On Thursday August 13th David Riascos, head of the Colombian ecosystem at cLabs, will present the introduction of new tools for the Celo blockchain. At 6:30 p.m. (GMT-5), Coinosis will share the latest developments they have been making to increase financial inclusion in Colombia. This has been reported by Juan David Reyes from Coinosis to Cointelegraph en Español.

Celo is an open and decentralized protocol that can be used to create financial instruments that are available to anyone from a smartphone. As the organizers of this initiative have stated, Celo has an altruistic mission to build a financial system that creates conditions for prosperity for all.

At this meeting, those interested in this type of project are invited to ask their questions and contribute to this important issue in the Latin American economies.

You want to contribute to the financial inclusion of Colombia with the Celo blockchain protocol
You want to contribute to the financial inclusion of Colombia with the Celo blockchain protocol

David Riascos is a psychologist and blockchain technology enthusiast. He is currently also working as Colombia Ecosystem Lead at cLabs, one of the units that contribute to the development of Celo. “Her goal is to build a community and an ecosystem that will make it possible to publicize the ways this protocol can be constructed, and it is through this type of event that she seeks to promote education in financial education,” said Reyes.

This talk will take a general perspective on the financial inclusion problem in Colombia and how the Celo Protocol can provide solutions when working in a community. There is also a preview of one of the first developments at Celo, a mobile payment application called Valora.

Conversation method

To better understand the group dynamics of the presentation, consider the following:

  • Everyone contributes to a contract and creates a pool in ether. It’s a crowdfunding that’s part of the community.

  • You have the video call to speak on the main topic: “Contributing to the Financial Inclusion of Colombia with the Celo Blockchain Protocol”

  • David Riascos will share the panorama of financial inclusion in Colombia and the efforts of the Celo blockchain in its mission to create an open financial system. Beginners and experts are welcome

  • The contribution to the conversation will be voted on.

  • The aggregated votes are distributed proportionally to the participants. In this way, the methodology helps in the transfer of value and knowledge.

  • Interested parties can register here.

Juan David Reyes put it:

“At Coinosis, we are very excited to be supporting these types of events as we are going to be talking about very important issues. In a context like the current one, where emerging markets are so badly hit by the pandemic, these are the tools that are driving the Increase Financial Inclusion You are essential to recovery. “

For his part, David Riascos said:

“It’s important for me to talk about these issues as there are around 1.7 billion people without a bank account. Not only that, but many of them are without ID. This raises questions such as: how to get transfers or how to they apply for a loan to start a business? If we increase the remittance flow by 1%, we could reduce extreme poverty in certain communities by 19%. “

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