You wanna be happy Give up these 10 habits

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You wanna be happy  Give up these 10 habits
You wanna be happy Give up these 10 habits

How can you bring a little more happiness into your life? You may have to give up several things in order to be happy. Curious lake for reflection as most people focus on buying and getting more things done Abundance.

The real key to happiness is to give up certain perspectives and behaviors. Some people try to get happiness by masking it with a temporary purchase or additional activity.

Do you want to know where to start? Here are 10 things you have to give up in order to become a happier person.

1. Give up overtime

I get it. You need the money. Maybe you don’t want to say “no” to your boss or you are a workaholic. Regardless of the reason, you have to stop working so much if you want to increase your happiness.

Several studies have shown that constant overtime can affect mental health. Overwork is detrimental to well-being as it can lead to depression and anxiety.

In addition, we all need a healthy work-life balance. A balanced existence gives us the opportunity to recharge our batteries and relax. Even spending time with our friends and family helps us foster creativity.

2. Give up negative self-talk

Studies estimate that we speak between 300 and a thousand words to ourselves every minute. This is a very good indication that perhaps the most destructive force in the universe is ourselves.

It’s easy to fall into the hole of “negative self-talk” when something goes wrong. But repeating to ourselves how “bad” we are can have devastating effects on the psyche. If you treat yourself badly all the time, you cannot be happy.

Instead of wallowing in the bad habit of lying down, follow in the footsteps of the U.S. Navy. These men and women have a habit of saying positive things and affirmations to each other in front of the mirror every day.

For example, if you are stressed out at work, take a walk and remember that everything is actually fine. Remember that you can handle the situation. Give yourself encouraging words like a father or a good boss.

3. Give up your need for control

You have to be willing to give up your need to control every aspect of your life. It is understandable to want full control over everything. We consume our schedules and even try to change the behavior of others.

Some try to create predictability by controlling things that are not in their hands. This type of control is the type that turns into fear and chaos in our lives.

It’s a challenge, but you have to accept everyone and everything as they are today. You will be a lot happier and everyone around you will be happier too because you accept them without asking them to be one way or another.

4. Stop blaming others

Guilt is often the scapegoat we use instead of taking responsibility for our own actions and their consequences. Think about it. It’s a lot easier to point your finger at someone or something than to accept that you were wrong.

Instead, look in the mirror.

In the end, guilt isn’t constructive and won’t help you. Reserve your energy for what is really needed: solving the problem.

5. End the negativity of others

Like a bad cold, negativity is contagious. We are social beings and will inevitably adopt the habits and values ​​of those who are closest to us. Therefore, try to surround yourself with positive, passionate and motivated people who support you and have their own ambitions.

It is impossible to completely eliminate negative emotions from those around you. We’re all going to have a bad day, so it’s important to spend less time with the “chronic complainers”.

Be more aware of your own emotional wellbeing.

6. Waiver FOMO

Richard Branson He once said: “Opportunities are like repentance – there is always another!”

Are you the type of person to dive into fear of missing out or FOMO (fear of missing out)? If all the time you are scared of not taking chances, your luck will decrease. Worse still, you will have a short term perspective on your own life.

Branson recognizes that he has limited resources and time. He carefully examines every opportunity he finds, even if it doesn’t work.

Learn about Branson and remember that there will always be an opportunity to do something new. Don’t just feel guilty or sad for not taking advantage of something. Something like or better will come.

7. Stop impressing others

Stop trying so hard to be something you are not. Are you trying to make other people like you? It is important that you like yourself for who you really are.

As you try to improve yourself, you can even practice being your best friend. Are you nice to yourself Are you helping yourself and perking you up?

Save the masks and be yourself. Just be yourself. You don’t have to live in constant fear that someone will see the bad things inside you. You can’t change that. You save yourself a lot of energy and quickly notice that people are drawn more to your authenticity than to your lies.

8. Stop feeling entitled to anything

That may sound brutal, but I want to remind you that nobody owes you anything. Mama and Papa don’t owe you anything. The boss and the company you work for don’t owe you anything. The teacher and the school don’t owe you anything. Your brother and sister don’t owe you anything. Only YOU owe you something big.

If you look at life with a must give you mentality, you will always be disappointed. And again.

When you work hard and are grateful for what you have, you begin to see life in a new way. You understand things in a new light and appreciate what you have achieved.

It is an incredibly powerful and uplifting experience to live this way. Try it out by writing down the things you are thankful for every day.

9. Stop trying to be perfect

It’s not about giving up sloppy work and making mistakes, but remember, you will make mistakes. You can’t expect to be perfect 24/7. It’s just not realistic. Those who expect perfection in themselves generally become a serious obstacle on their own path to happiness.

It has been found that perfectionism causes one to become more anxious in social settings. It can prevent you from trying new things.

Trying to be perfect hinders your ability to build long-term relationships. Filling off feelings of doubt can lead to more feelings of worthlessness.

Accepting that sometimes “good” is good enough is very helpful.

10. Give up the “scarcity mentality”

The scarcity mentality comes from Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 habits of very effective people::

“Most people are deeply in love with what I call the scarcity mentality: they see life as if they only had so much, like there was only one cake out there, and if someone had a big piece of cake they would Less mean The scarcity mindset is the zero-sum paradigm of life. People with a scarcity mindset have no way of sharing recognition and credit, power or profit – not even with those who help them. They also don’t enjoy the success of others.

Simply put, the idea behind the scarcity situation is that it just isn’t enough for success all there.

For example, they think that there can only be one person with an increase in work because there is not enough money to allow everyone to grow. As a result, this type of mindset can lead to short-term thinking and cause sadness and jealousy.

If you want to be happier and more successful, Covey believes that you need to adopt a rich mindset.

“The Abundance Mentality, on the other hand, arises from a deep inner feeling of personal worth and security. It is the belief that there is much and enough for everyone. This leads to a distribution of prestige, recognition, benefit. It opens up possibilities, options, alternatives and Creativity. “

Changing your attitudes can help you focus in the long term and develop more positive feelings towards others.

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