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You still don’t know what to undertake? Dare to solve one of the 17 SDGs with an innovative and disruptive business idea

February 10, 2020

Poverty, lack of medical attention, global warming, lack of employment and discrimination are some of the problems that the UN proposes to eradicate in the SDGs, and which you can solve by undertaking.

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You still don’t know what to undertake? Dare to solve one of the 17 SDGs with an innovative and disruptive business ideaYou still don’t know what to undertake? Dare to solve one of the 17 SDGs with an innovative and disruptive business idea

If you only had 37 pesos every day to survive, what would you buy? Assuming that you buy food, it would barely reach you for a kilo of egg and almost one of tortillas, if we consider that on average the first costs 25 pesos and the second 15, according to the National System of Information and Market Integration (SNIIM) until January 2020

Can you imagine what it is like to live like this every day? Nearly 800 million people worldwide live with this amount of money daily, according to the United Nations Organization (UN) . This poverty is one of the most serious problems that are happening around us, in addition to the lack of protection of the planet and the prosperity of all humanity.

For this reason, the UN proposed ending these problems with the help of the government of each country, the private sector, civil society and people like you and me. To achieve this, in 2015 the organization jointly defined with the world leaders 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ; each one focused on a different problem and with specific goals that must be met no later than 2030.

The 17 SDGs are as follows:

Image: UN

As the UN has said, saving the world does not only depend on the actions taken by the government of each country. You can also contribute so that a change is really generated. How? There are simple actions that you can perform in everyday life such as saving electricity, taking short showers, reporting harassment, or buying local products, among many others that the same organization proposes on its official website .

However, entrepreneurs are key in the fulfillment of the 17 SDGs , as these problems can be solved with the creativity, boldness and innovation that characterizes them. This is considered by Martha Herrera, corporate director of social responsibility CEMEX, and president of the Global Compact in Mexico , a network of companies and organizations that are already carrying out different practices to meet the SDGs.

For example, what would you do to improve the economy of the almost 800 million people living in poverty? How would you facilitate access to health services ? What do you propose to reduce the levels of greenhouse gas emissions ? How can you generate more and better paid jobs? Or what would you do to end discrimination and facilitate gender equality ?

All these questions come from real problems and needs that currently exist throughout the world, and you may find an inspiration or an opportunity to undertake and help save the world. But beware! Herrera warns that entrepreneurs need to professionalize so that their business ideas can be carried out, survive the valley of death and really have a social or environmental impact.

“We have to think with the business vision so that it is sustainable over time and so that the projects can really have a systemic impact and manage to address the problems that are complex, and that today can no longer be solved unilaterally.”

The president of the Mexico Global Compact also highlights the need for large companies to work hand in hand with intrapreneurs , all in order to help them develop better innovations, so that they can exercise their entrepreneurial activity with greater professionalism, accelerate business ideas and together achieve the fulfillment of the 17 SDGs. “s are putting their innovation on the table, the ability to act and be disruptive much faster.”

In fact, according to Herrera, the SDGs represent great investment opportunities, some 12 trillion dollars to finance projects that help eradicate the problems that list these objectives and that can have an impact on the 2030 agenda. “Hopefully there are more entrepreneurs in Mexico because we need new and disruptive ideas to really accelerate compliance with the SDGs. ”

You already know: we are 10 years from reaching the goal. It is time to get down to work to turn problems into opportunities and develop solutions that help safeguard the planet.

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