You only have one chance to make a good impression. Use these 6 tips to be successful

Follow these tips and be successful in all your negotiations.

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You only have one chance to make a good impression. Use these 6 tips to be successful
You only have one chance to make a good impression. Use these 6 tips to be successful

You will never have a second chance for one first impression. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we judge the professionalism, character and suitability of others based on the first impressions.

The best way to make a good impression, especially in business, is to accept unusual common sense. Many entrepreneurs do not value pose or professionalism. Keep these six tips in mind regardless of the circumstances:

1. Prepare yourself beforehand. Preparation reduces anxiety and helps you show more authority. When you do your homework, you are ahead of the competition. Before an important meeting, find out about your potential customer and his business approach. Visit the company’s website to learn more about its history. If you have time to prepare, you will appear interesting and competent, two qualities that will help you a lot.

2. Find out who will be attending the meeting. Go to the meeting organizer to find out who the attendees will be and remember each person’s name. Sign up for LinkedIn and learn more, including hobbies and interests. If you find something that you have in common with someone, use it to break the ice before the start of the negotiation.

3. Arrive a few minutes earlier. It’s important to be on time, but when you arrive on time, send a message that you are responsible, capable, and respectful of others’ time. These extra minutes give you the opportunity to go to the bathroom, check your looks, and prepare before going to the meeting. If there is traffic, bad weather or if you cannot find a parking space, always take extra time on your calendar.

4. Dress up for success. A professional appearance will improve your personal brand. You don’t have to buy expensive things to look better. Invest in classic pieces that you can always use. Dress for the comfort of your customers, not yours. If you are meeting with a group of bankers, a dark suit is best. Sometimes you can be more creative. It’s okay to stay true to your personal style when you’re an artist or when you meet designers.

5. Give a good handshake. In many cultures, a good handshake will add a lot of weight to the meeting. This can be warm, friendly and sincere. If it is very firm or weak, you can leave a negative impression. If you are sitting when someone is introduced to you, stop before you shake hands. This shows respect for the person you know. Be sure to smile and make eye contact when you do this.

6. Listen carefully. That will create trust. When someone else speaks, make eye contact and show that you are interested in what they are saying. Always give others time to express themselves. If you pause or attempt to end the sentence, that person assumes that you are in a hurry or that you do not respect their opinion. If you can listen, you have a good relationship with partners or customers.

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