You have the dreams, but are you really working for them?

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Your dreams You are so realistic As the job what you are willing to do to achieve it.

You have the dreams, but are you really working for them?
You have the dreams, but are you really working for them?

So how much work do you put into it?

You don’t have to do too much at first. But you have to be consistent, yes … every day. Because there are a million things that people like you and I have to deal with every day, things that get between us and our goals, things that get us out of the way. Each of these interruptions is a challenge that asks us, “How bad are you really going to do this? How much work will you continue to invest? “

How much work do you put in?

Success is the result of the daily work you put into it. They are the excuses that you ignore. These are the mornings when you wake up after getting little sleep and feel awful and still say, “This is going to be the best day of my life because nothing can stop me from going back to work.” That is the attitude you need to have.

But I have to tell you something: there is one thing that can prevent you from doing your daily job.

And that’s whether you have a plan … or not.

It doesn’t matter how inspired or not you are when you wake up. If you don’t have a plan, if you can’t pursue realistic and achievable goals, you cannot make your dreams come true. I repeat, if you don’t have a plan, you won’t make your dreams come true. So start planning.

When you have a plan and a promise to follow it and be the best version of yourself every morning, you will get to work no matter what that day happens. When you work, you move. When you move consistently, you propel yourself. When you make an effort, you become more confident. When you are more confident, you are more willing to work. You work better. And when you consistently work better, the results flow into it. When you are inundated with the positive results of your daily endeavors for weeks, months, and years, your dreams will come true.

So how much work do you put in? How often do you make plans

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Start by choosing a single destination

Many people were able to change their entire life by identifying a priority task for that day. Only one. Because if you only choose one task, it will be the most important task. By narrowing down your goals, you are forcing yourself to make smarter decisions and achieve more meaningful goals.

Since the goal setting process is a learnable process, you need to start small and expand your ability to plan step by step. So choose a daily goal. Only one. And make this goal the stone on which you found the way to your dreams. Trust that you will master this task related to your dreams every day.

That’s how I started my career as a writer and coach. With a single article.

I had a blank notebook in which I wrote in large print: “Write an article.” Every day I achieved this goal so every day I wrote an article that I was successful on. The fact of living in my mom’s chair wasn’t relevant, or the fact that I’d been kicked out of high school twice, or that I’d been rejected in the army (something that, when I look back, pretty much, is performance ) or dropping out of college or being fired from any job I’ve ever had. None of this mattered because he lived what he wanted.

When I dedicated my daily work to achieving a goal, I was successful in my eyes. As I saw myself as a successful person, my confidence began to grow. When you know how strong self-confidence is to continued success and how amazing it feels, you know how important that was to me. For the first time in my life, I combined confidence with work. So I never stopped working. I never stopped making plans.

Be consistent in planning and working

The harder I worked, the better I got at it. The more confident I was, the more ambitious I became in my daily goals. So that goal became two: write, learn. The more I learned about my job, the better I got and the more confident I was. So it worked better. That increased my confidence and allowed me to set bigger and better goals. This led to daily goals for anything that would help me have the healthiest version of my body, mind, and spirit (meditation, exercise, playing the guitar, etc.), which made me a much more human being. balanced. That helped me achieve a lot of goals that allowed me to start my coaching career.

Step by step I learned how to have daily goals that are realistic and challenging in order to create a balance that will allow me to keep growing. Some days I planned too much or wasn’t realistic enough, which made me feel like I hadn’t achieved anything. And other days, I set goals that weren’t as challenging and felt like I wasn’t doing my best. But I kept planning. I built a foundation “day by day” that made me proud of my work and my results. And I continued to improve.

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So today I’m teaching planning. As I slept on the couch, when my mom and classmates got married, bought houses, and had families, I was just learning the most successful, most important, and most basic habit of all. By sticking to this habit, I was able to achieve things that people I had previously admired couldn’t. And only four years have passed since then.

I’m a person who dropped out of college, got rejected by the army, and didn’t even finish high school. It wasn’t anyone. But when I started working and had a daily schedule, I became someone. And by becoming someone, I was able to do what I love and change the lives of the people I help. I use my talents to the full. I live my dream come true

What about you?

If you commit to achieving that daily goal this week, and if you plan that goal and do it every day, and use that goal as the basis for a life plan that you are constantly developing, you will have consistent and positive goals. The results will rain on you.

So how much work do you put in? How much are you planning?

I want you to be proud to answer that at the end of the week. Get a blank notebook or diary. Write down your goal each day. And mark it done every day. And never, never stop

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