You have already seen how you would be “old man” and now you want to “change your gender”, but these are the risks you could expose yourself to with this app

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If you used FaceApp, the application that shows how you will look old and how you would see how you change your gender, I have bad news for you: yours personal and biometric data are already owned by the company that created the program, the terms and conditions of which stipulate this This information can be shared with various consortia associated with the company of Russian origin.

You have already seen how you would be “old man” and now you want to “change your gender”, but these are the risks you could expose yourself to with this app
You have already seen how you would be “old man” and now you want to “change your gender”, but these are the risks you could expose yourself to with this app

Created in 2017 by the company Wireless labis the application an image editor that uses artificial intelligence transform that Photos that users enter into the program.

In its terms of use, yes those who accept most people without reading The company makes it clear that any information you provide becomes the property of the company “Indefinite, irrevocable, non-exclusive, free, royalty-free and with a transferable license.”

This information that is called “User content”, It contains News, texts, location, photos, videos and any other material of the subscriber, such as Mobile device used, among others.

Data protection changed

FaceApp works with a computer algorithm that is based on the images that users “upload”. The free program has 21 filters that are applied to photos so that the face and neck of the person depicted have the typical age lines.

The application currently has more than 80 million subscribers worldwide, most users of the paid version, which increases the filter to 28, as the free trial period is only three days.

In both cases, both in the “Pro” presentation and in the free presentation, the privacy policy is the same. All of your data remains in the possession of the company that created the program.

This means that when you use the application, your personal information is no longer private and becomes non-confidential information that can be transferred to companies and people connected to Wireless Lab.

Yes, unfortunately you change your privacy yourself by having an account in the application, with the aggravating fact that not only demographic and commercial data are provided, but also biometric information that should be confidential.

Non-repeatable properties

Biometric data are all physical, physiological, behavioral or personality traits of the individual. These are unique and unrepeatable features such as fingerprints, iris and voice. Human DNA can also be viewed as biometric information. although its use is still limited today.

If this data is disclosed, there is a risk of irreparable damage, since people cannot change our biometric properties, as we do with a written password, for example.

If the latter is forgotten or compromised, we change it without problems, instead nor we can change our fingerprint or face, if they are used to access our cell phones or tablets. That is why it is so important that our biometric data is not shared, as its use by third parties affects us for life.

Legally, this type of information is considered sensitive and confidential It is recommended not to use it as a means of identification Credit cards or bank accounts increase the risk that they will be misused the more people or companies have our data.

When using FaceAppWith your photo, you share some of your biometric information with the company that created the program, increasing the likelihood that cFacial features are used fraudulently.

According to the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef)There have been more than 10,000 identity theft claims in the past 10 years.

In Mexico in addition to Theft of personal datahave increased significantly Cyber ​​fraud and the illegal use of financial information. In fact, 73% of complaints per year went to the Condusef Bank movements that result from possible fraud or misuse of confidential information

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