You follow these tips to give the best customer service

Learn to give consumers the value they deserve and treat them as guests. You will get their loyalty for life.

The opinions expressed by employees are personal.

“Create a great experience, customers tell those things. Word of mouth is very powerful. ”–Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon.

You follow these tips to give the best customer service
You follow these tips to give the best customer service

If you went to a party where the host saw you ugly, he reluctantly offered you a drink, looked over you, greeted someone as if it were more important and basically could not wait for you to leave, the chances would be that you You would go immediately, slamming the door behind you.

Unfortunately that is the experience that many of us receive today. We are not treated as valued customers, we are a nuisance to bear. We are the strong alarm of cars that prevents sleep, by companies: customer service has become a dirty stage.

In my experience as CEO of a digital marketing company and a member of the board of others, companies are very focused on the problems of their businesses without paying attention, moving away, and then losing, the customers and the business they already have. Clients who are underestimated soon leave and the business suffers.

Here we present five tools that I follow, and I hope that many people in my organizations do so, and that I want them to open the doors to greater success.

1. Use the appropriate term. First, never talk about people as customers or buyers. In my company we refer to them as “guests”, because they are our guests and we are the hosts. We are always happy to see them and try to make their time with us a great experience.

2. I anticipate your needs . A good waiter knows when to fill your glass or bring the bill, just as a large company anticipates what your guests need, many times even before they know it.

3. Give respect. It costs nothing to be polite, but you can pay dearly if you are not.

4. Treat everyone as VIP customers . “There is only one boss, the client,” said Sam Walton once. “You can fire everyone from the president down and spend your money elsewhere.”

5. Show immediate action and solutions, not blame. Sometimes things get ruined, but apologies, which are important, mean nothing if they are not followed by some kind of action. Well done is better than well said.

To sum up, a great guest experience is not an area. In my company it is everyone's job and, as Henry Ford said: “A business completely devoted to service will only have a concern about profits. That will be extremely large. ”

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