“You can’t make music every four years and hope it’s enough”

Daniel Ek said certain statements that disrupted the music industry.

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“You can’t make music every four years and hope it’s enough”
“You can’t make music every four years and hope it’s enough”

After announcing financial results with exponential subscriber growth due to the pandemic, the CEO of SpotifyDaniel Ek spoke with Music ally and revealed some somewhat controversial things.

“There are more relationships with more artists,” said the CEO. Since then, 30 to 43,000 artists from last year have gone to this one. “It is something that has been close to our hearts for a long time: it is our company’s mission to enable more artists to make a living from their art, and it really does appear in the numbers. They move forward to a large extent, influence and create new relationships with the fans. “

However, this was not the reason for disagreements in the musical environment. Especially in 2020 there was an increase in musicians who were not satisfied with the platform’s license fees and “not enough to make a living”.

“You can’t record music every three or four years and you think that will be enough. Today’s artists, who recognize that it is about creating a continuous commitment for their fans. It is about working on storytelling all around to put the album and to have an ongoing dialogue with your fans, ”were the CEO’s controversial words.

The anger of the musicians

In the interview, Daniel Ek gave Taylor Swift as an example, as an artist who benefits from this effort. However, he added, “I really feel that those who don’t work are the ones who want to release music the way it used to be.”

As a result of these words, various musicians have spoken on social networks against what the CEO said. For example, music video director Mike Mills publicly cursed him on Twitter. However, he also admitted that the solution is not to boycott Spotify.

On the other hand, singer Nadine Shah accused the CEO of telling the musicians how to live if he wasn’t in this reality.

In general, Daniel Ek’s comments have not been well received by the industry. They accuse him of keeping his royalties, not knowing the difference between goods and art, and highlighting the fact that he never released an album.

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