You can now invest in Netflix, Disney and Tesla with just 30 pesos

Flink, a new fintech platform, wants more and more people to dare to enter the investment market.

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You can now invest in Netflix, Disney and Tesla with just 30 pesos
You can now invest in Netflix, Disney and Tesla with just 30 pesos

Have you ever dreamed of being shareholder from a large transnational company like Disney, but did you think you didn’t have enough money for it? Now you can try 30 pesos thanks to a new Mexican fintech company called Flink.

Traditionally being able to invest in large international companies Mexico At least one whole share had to be bought, which could cost more than 15,000 pesos. In fact, we have a bad investment culture in Mexico because we have the idea that the stock market is only available to people with high financial capital. So much so that, according to the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Service Users (Condusef), only 35 out of 10,000 Mexicans actively invest in the United States Mexican stock exchange (BMV).

That’s where it comes in Nimble. This tool was born in 2018 when Sergio Jiménez, who has seven years of software development experience for financial institutions, has teamed up with an engineer full stack called Ricardo Rafaelto develop a financial application that helps college students manage their personal finances.

Ricardo Rafael and Sergio Jiménez, CTO and CEO of Flink / Picture: Courtesy Flink

“We are in a special situation. It is time for new generations and people who want to see their future to make decisions. We are a company that develops financial services that are intended to provide access to products that they have not yet Sergio Jiménez, CEO of Flink, said in an interview with s in Spanish.

With Flink, you can make deposits and set up a debit account using a card that is accepted by a wide range of services and companies and is used to intelligently manage money over a monthly budget.

Over time, Sergio and Rafael realized that their project could bring financial services and investment platforms closer together. With its new tool, Flink offers a service that allows you to invest in fractions of shares. This enables first-time investors to participate in real time on the New York Stock Exchange and to participate in companies such as Amazon, Apple, Tesla and Coca-Cola. Tail.

Flink’s investment platform started development in January 2020 and was launched this summer. However, it has raised so many expectations that there is currently a waiting list of 550,000 people who want to test the service.

How does Flink work?

The only thing required to open an account on this fintech platform is of legal age and has a valid official ID and a smartphone. The user with the nickname NimbleYou can open an account with just 100 pesos and start using that number to determine investments of at least 30 pesos in the various companies you want to invest in.

“We have people testing the platform and making a small investment to see how it behaves. We have no problem with that as we do not require any type of account management but only a small commission to be paid when buying and selling Stocks is the lowest on the market. We want to lower the barrier so more people can invest, “said Jiménez.

He Nimble You can review your transactions in real time through the app and build an investment portfolio with companies that draw your attention.

“For an investment of 30 pesos, for example, we charge 0.05 cents. There is no cap on investment, but the focus of our product is on people who have never invested. To do this, we simplified the information displayed on the stocks, without so many indicators and without so much noise that people feel comfortable when they invest, “said Flink’s CEO.

The platform tries to simplify information as much as possible to “democratize” investments. However, it is always advisable to study the market and find out about the brands in which you will participate.

Where can you find the app?

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