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You can now appear on Google Shopping Mexico for free. We’ll tell you how to upload your business information

September 30, 2020

From mid-October, companies in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico will be able to publish product lists and benefit from the billions of searches that Google makes every day.

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You can now appear on Google Shopping Mexico for free. We’ll tell you how to upload your business information
You can now appear on Google Shopping Mexico for free. We’ll tell you how to upload your business information

Amid the current circumstances caused by the SASRCov2 coronavirus pandemic, Google announced the possibility this week View unpaid product cards on the Google Shopping tab in Mexico.

This initiative, which was first presented in the US in April, will open in mid-October Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. What does it mean? When a user is looking for a specific product, e.g. For example, looking for a toy or shoes, the results on the Google Shopping tab are mostly free results. This means companies didn’t have to pay to show up.

According to a Statista study, electronic commerce in the main Latin American markets grew by more than 230% in April. Based on the results of a recent Google consumer survey, it is assumed that the habits acquired during this period will persist as more than 50% of consumers have expressed a desire to continue shopping on digital channels. Also, according to an Ipsos study commissioned by Google, one in three people in Mexico will continue to shop online to avoid going to physical stores, and reaffirm the importance of e-commerce channels.

“Google Shopping is a tool for businesses to take advantage of the millions of searches that Google makes every day,” he commented at a round table in Spanish Deb Reyes, director of products and business solutions for Latin America at Google. “For users, it improves product availability and connects with companies that offer what they are looking for. We want to help improve the region’s digital ecosystem. ”

Image: Google Latin America

“Many people have discovered the offerings of the world of digital commerce during this pandemic; the tools that are available during the pandemic. It is difficult to make predictions, but we believe this trend of accelerated growth in e-commerce will continue through 2021, “he commented on Deb Reyes.

How can your business appear on Google Shopping for free?

  • The Google Shopping tab will appear on the top bar of the search engine.
  • You can also access it directly from
  • The file must contain information such as price, picture, availability, etc. You no longer need to upload information through the Merchant Center platform and then run advertising campaigns through Google Ads.
  • With the change announced today, beginning in mid-October, companies in Mexico can use the unpaid tokens on the Google Shopping tab to connect to the billions of users who come to Google every day without a Google cost, regardless of how much whether or not they have Google Ads campaigns.
  • No additional effort is required for companies already using the Merchant Center. Unpaid tokens complement your advertising campaigns.
  • For those new to the Merchant Center who want to upload their products and prepare for the change, this is where they can start.
  • For consumers who click the Google Shopping tab every day, free tokens increase the variety of products and stores they find when they search for a product.

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