You can come up with 20 business ideas part-time

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Have you ever dreamed of running a part-time business without quitting your job? Do you want to run a business that suits your current business? Or are you curious about what it would be like to do something and want to see what’s out there before you commit? You need to have marketable skills or products, and if you work full time anywhere you need to be very good at managing your time. Here are 20 ways to start your part-time business.

1. Antique seller

You can come up with 20 business ideas part-time
You can come up with 20 business ideas part-time

Antique seller

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Make money with antiques and have fun doing it! Search flea markets, auctions, and antique markets to find furniture, toys, clothing, or other treasures from the past. Then you can rent a place in a bazaar or have your own flea market on the weekends to sell what you found.

2. Computer teacher

Computer tutor

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If you are an expert on Windows, Linux, Office, HTML, or other software, there is a place you can help someone improve their features. Promote your services in schools in your community that provide adult education.

3. Designer of jewelry and accessories

Designer for custom jewelry and accessories

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Use your creative talents to design bespoke jewelry and accessories. Whether you work with silver or recycled materials, clay or paper mache, there is sure to be a market for your creations. Try art fairs or bazaars.

4. Coffee vendors at events

Espresso cart operator

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Prepare your earnings every day. A cup of coffee has a profit margin between 55.1 and 61.5 percent. So prepare your mixes, buy or rent a coffee cart and sell your drinks at sporting events, concerts, bazaars and other activities that you can find your city.

5. Cleaning of warehouses or garages

Owner of the garage and attic cleaning / transportation service

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Hardly anyone likes to spend a weekend cleaning their garage, basement or basement. This activity takes a lot of time and leaves a lot of dust. When you’re done, you still have to throw away whatever you threw away. But if you like physical chores you can offer to do it for someone else, and it can actually be quite fun. You can even find hidden treasures in the trash that people would easily want to give you and that can be added to your pay, including the ability to recycle newspapers, bottles, and other things you find. All you need is a truck to haul the trash and know where to take everything to get the most out of it.

6. Maintenance

Cellphone person

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If something is broken it can be fixed. If you are good at handling maintenance tasks, many customers can request your services, especially older adults who cannot fix the problems themselves. You can advertise your services on local publications, stores, and Facebook groups, and then fix everything that needs to be done from broken toilets to broken windows.

7. Real estate inspector

House inspector

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If you have architectural, civil engineering, and maintenance basics, you can offer your services as an inspector of properties for sale or rent. People will hire you to review the properties they want to acquire and you can then direct them to anyone who needs it, from maintenance repairs to structural issues.

8. Transcribe medical records

Medical typist

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If you have medical (or veterinary) knowledge and mastery of the terminology, you can transcribe patients’ medical records without leaving your home. Check out hospitals, doctor’s offices, and clinics to see if they need this type of help and get to work.

9. Repair of electronics


If something is dirty, incomplete, or in need of repair, you can help people who want to fix their stereo, turntable, or VCR. Dust off your knowledge of these electronics and advertise your door-to-door services.

10. Tint the window

Mobile window tinter

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With a little training and basic equipment, you can make big bucks helping people tint their windows. It starts with car windows, and all you need is a cell phone and truck ready to go where they’re needed. This is how you can help car owners keep their interiors safe.

11. Interior organizer

Office and home organizer

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Orderly, Attention: You can help the most disorganized, extremely busy entrepreneurs or anyone unable to bring order into their lives, clean closets, organize files, or bring order to any room in their life that is needed .

12. Personal cook

Freelance personal chef

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What is for dinner? Preserving the kitchen means you can offer your services to busy business owners or working fathers willing to hire a personal chef to cook for them. Plan the menu, shop, and cook!

13. Personal trainer

personal trainer

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Knowing how to lift weights can cost you a lot of extra money. People of all ages are willing to invest in a personal trainer to train properly. Spread your exercise experience and if you can also help them eat well, there can be lots of money to be made in your free time.

14. Photo frame

Picture Frame

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Create a photo frame service. You can partner with gallery owners, artists, photographers or anyone who is investing in this type of art. You can take a course and then offer your services in galleries, shops and other artistic spaces.

15. Gardener

Owner of the asset leasing and maintenance service

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Are you given plants? Offer your services to companies, offices, clubs, businesses, and private homes that need a little help keeping their plants alive. You can develop a great clientele by following a regular irrigation, fertilization and maintenance program with a free replacement guarantee.

16. Search for records

Record finder

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Search public records using specialized databases to help your customers find lost loved ones, questionable plaintiffs, find debtors, or review contractor records or uncover data on a business opportunity. Potential clients include lawyers, business people and individuals.

17. Home delivery of groceries

You can make a little extra cash on weekends or evenings by delivering groceries. You can sign up for one of the grocery delivery apps like Rappi or Uber Eats, or sign up for a contract with certain restaurants to be their personal ambassador.

18. T-shirt designer

T-shirt designer

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If you’re an artist looking for a means to express yourself why not on t-shirts? Draw, paint, or apply your designs to t-shirts, then sell them in local bazaars or online.

19. Tapestry decorator

Wallpaper holder

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Help people turn their walls into works of art by installing tapestries or vinyl. You can promote your services in design stores or on Facebook groups.

20. Yoga or Tai Chi teachers

Yoga and Tai Chi teacher

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In the fast paced world we live in, many people can benefit from deep breathing and relaxation techniques that you can teach them. Offer your services in yoga studios or yoga communities.

Carla Goodman is a freelance business journalist.

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