You are starting an NFT game about skyscrapers

Under the name D-Skyscraper, they started a decentralized blockchain game that offers the possibility of buying land in a virtual city and building skyscrapers through NFTs with a theme related to the world of decentralized exchange of the BSC network.

As Cointelegraph en Español learned Players can use the in-game token $ DSG to bid on the purchase of slots and receive passive rewards.

What’s more The game offers the possibility of participating in the benefits generated by the game itself by using the token and automatically receiving your share of the generated benefits every 24 hours.

You are starting an NFT game about skyscrapers
You are starting an NFT game about skyscrapers

The launch of the token took place on November 1st and is expected to be a huge hit with players when it goes online in the game’s app next Sunday, November 7th.

In a statement, they noted that the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) integration is another novelty in the NFT game. In addition, the next step would be to switch to the Matic network by opening a bridge that would allow both BSC network and Ethereum network lovers to enjoy the game.

“The game has opened many new relationships between the D-Reit team and other already consolidated projects, and this will push them to continue developing new products within the game app they have created,” the statement said.

A next update is already planned, in which a PVE mode will be offered, in which you can farm the buildings with the NFTs and receive rewards in tokens.

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