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Yes, Pan de Muerto already exists and we’ll tell you where to find it

June 15, 2020

Has the world gone mad? We’ll tell you where to find Rosca de Reyes and Pan de Muerto to start the weird new “normalcy”.

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Yes, Pan de Muerto already exists and we’ll tell you where to find itYes, Pan de Muerto already exists and we’ll tell you where to find it

This story originally appeared on Mexico Unknown

By Rodrigo Osegueda

This year 2020 everything learned ended to the point that some complain that they don’t know what day of the week it is or that they cannot sleep at night due to routine changes. That’s why the bakeries have decided not to keep the Mexicans waiting any longer and have already started distributing the delicious Rosca de Reyes and the celebrated Pan de Muerto. Here we tell you in which bakeries you can order these breads at home. Don’t forget to put your death altar or buy the Tamales in July when you get the doll.

Santo Domingo Bakery in Coyoacan

You have to go straight to this place but it will be worth it. It is located on Miguel Ángel de Quevedo 201, on the corner of Universidad Avenue. He comes without hesitation because his bread is made according to the classic and traditional recipe. Not only will you find it this season, Here is the tradition every day of the year. If you want to deliver home, keep in mind that you will need to consume more than $ 150.To whom is crying bread given?

  • Note: You can also buy cakes or fried chicken.
  • phone: 56586043 • 56586125 • 56582689

The Pilarika Karsapan (Rosca de Reyes and Pan de Muerto)

Karsapan has 10 offices in Mexico City and Toluca. It is the only one that has a Rosca de Reyes and a bread of the dead all year round. The most iconic of its branches is The pilarika, is located in the historic center of Mexico City. They not only enjoy delicious bread, but also a bakery from 1890, when there were only 30 bakeries in the capital.


This bakery has no public space Sales are made via Instagram. In addition to Roscas de Reyes and Pan de Muerto, you will also find cupcakes, cookies and strudel. They have different thread sizes, either classic or filled. There are three different sizes of bread for the dead, depending on your appetite or the number of people who died on your altar.

Xocomergency (Rosca de Reyes and Pan de Muerto)

Don’t drop your sugar! At Xocomergency you will find the sweetness necessary to survive childbirth. You will not only find Roscas de Reyes and Pan de Muertos, but also all kinds of chocolates and pastries for cocoa lovers. One of the great advantages is that you can personalize your Pan de Muerto with all kinds of sweets and fillings. So don’t think about it anymore, here we leave you his Instagram account.


Once upon a time there was a cake

In this place they are experts in miniatures. If you don’t want Rosca de Reyes and Pan de Muerto, you can see the thousands of curios that they put at your disposal. Don’t forget to consume them with a delicious coffee or atole. You can contact them here.