Yemen authorities condemn a Houthi ballistic missile attack on the city of Moca

The internationally recognized Yemeni authorities have accused the Houthis of having fired three ballistic missiles against the city of Moca (West) during a visit by UN Special Envoy Hans Grundberg, without the rebels having commented.

“The missiles hit areas near farms and residential areas around the city,” official Yemeni sources were quoted as saying by the Saudi Arabian newspaper. “I believe the missiles were aimed at a security facility in Moca,” they added.

Yemen authorities condemn a Houthi ballistic missile attack on the city of Moca
Yemen authorities condemn a Houthi ballistic missile attack on the city of Moca

Similarly, in statements to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, government sources highlighted that the rockets “hit an abandoned area and caused great panic among civilians living in populated areas around it.” “There have been no victims,” ​​they assured them.

The shooting was also denounced by the Giants Brigade, a pro-government militia, which stated on its website that the shooting occurred “at the same time as the UN special envoy arrived in town.”

“The Houthi militia have recently increased the pace of their attacks on cities, residential areas and vital facilities on the west coast, including the recent attacks on the port of Moca with various ballistic missiles and drones,” he said.

Grundberg was in Mocha to attend a series of meetings with local authorities and civil society representatives to address the humanitarian crisis and the displacement of the population due to the conflict, reports Arab News.

The UN has neither decided what happened nor confirmed whether Grundberg was in Mocha. The envoy is on an official visit to Yemen and was in Taiz city on Monday.

This Thursday, Grundberg himself condemned the murder of the pregnant Yemeni journalist Rasha Abdullah in the city of Aden and the attempted murder of her journalist husband Mahmud al Atmi.

“I express my condolences to the family and reaffirm my demands for justice and accountability. Journalists around the world must be able to work without fear of reprisals,” he said, according to his office on his official account on the social network Twitter.

The war in Yemen hits the internationally recognized government led by Abdo Rabbu Mansur Hadi and backed by an international coalition backed by Saudi Arabia and the Houthis, backed by Iran.

The rebels control the capital Sana’a and other areas in the north and west of the country. In recent months, despite international mediation efforts on several fronts, the conflict has escalated into a war that has caused the world’s largest humanitarian crisis.

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