Wyoming’s “crypto-friendly” rep defeated by a far-right candidate

The representative of the State of Wyoming, Tyler Lindholm was defeated in the Republican state primary by a candidate representing the party’s extreme right.

Until now It is unclear how this could affect government blockchain legislationalthough after his defeat, Lindholm said he was “100% sure” [las leyes sobre la tecnología blockchain] You are safe “as reported by Forbes.

The rejection came as part of a determined push by right-wing taxpayers, conservative pressure groups and factions of the Wyoming Republican Party. Whoever has a number of key wins wins from the headlines.

Wyoming’s “crypto-friendly” rep defeated by a far-right candidate
Wyoming’s “crypto-friendly” rep defeated by a far-right candidate

Since many of the Republican candidates will have no opposition in the general election, the local media Star grandstand noted that it would likely have great political implications.

Lindholm’s role as Majority Whip helped him enforce a number of laws favorable to blockchain technology during his tenure.Positioning Wyoming as one of the top US states for blockchain companies.

This drew the attention of large companies in the industry such as octopus and IOHK.

With his experience in US legislation related to this technology, Lindholm shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a lucrative position in the industry if he wants.

He appeared to have suffered a dismal defeat on a live Facebook address the day after the area code:

“This is a difficult year. But we will keep working on it. We still live in Wyoming, it could be worse.”

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