WW2 bunker found under Middlesbrough back garden

Middlesbrough bunker
Image caption The bunker was partially flooded and had to be cleared of water

A hidden World War Two bunker has been discovered under the back garden of a house in Middlesbrough.

Chris Scott was having his Marton Avenue home renovated when he decided to investigate what he thought was a drain cover.

But it turned out to be the entrance to a concrete-lined, two-room bunker, big enough for more than 50 people.

WW2 bunker found under Middlesbrough back garden
WW2 bunker found under Middlesbrough back garden

The married father-of-one, 40, said he plans to turn the bunker into a wine cellar or an office.

“Our neighbours had mentioned something about a bunker, but to be honest we didn’t think any more about it,” Mr Scott said.

“When my builder suggested having a look at what was under the cover, we opened it up and saw a 10ft metal ladder leading down into the darkness.

“We initially used our mobile phones to look round and couldn’t believe what we saw.”

Image caption Mr Scott thought he had a drain cover in his garden

Image caption Mr Scott says the bunker is big enough for at least 50 people

Image caption A wooden door separated the bunker’s two rooms

Image caption A makeshift wooden table was found in one of the rooms

The bunker was partially filled with water, but after it was drained two rooms measuring about 4m x 4m were revealed, which were separated by a wooden door.

A homemade wooden table had also survived.

Mr Scott added: “We expected it to be quite small, but once we got through the metal blast door were were very surprised.

“There were still a lot of electrics in place and some snorkel-type devices which must have there to help people breathe.”

It is thought the bunker was used to hold people during bombing raids.

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