Would you like to save your personal finances in the middle of an emergency? MoneyFest is back to help

MIDE, Interactive Museum of Economics in association with FinFest Company, presents the second edition of MoneyFest as a solution to improving the personal finances of thousands of Mexicans who have faced the current economic scenario.

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Would you like to save your personal finances in the middle of an emergency? MoneyFest is back to help
Would you like to save your personal finances in the middle of an emergency? MoneyFest is back to help

As of July of this year, 15.7 million adults were unemployed and 15.2 million residents over the age of 18 saw a decline in labor income as a result of the COVID-19 Geography Pandemic (INEGI) 1, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Statistics has undoubtedly had a negative impact on people’s financial stability and the economy.

In this context, the Interactive Economy Museum (MIDE), in collaboration with the FinFest Company, presents the second edition of MoneyFest, the personal finance festival designed to help thousands of people regain their financial stability in the face of a complicated economic scenario.

This event will take place on Saturday, October 24th from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Due to the health emergency, this year it will be a 100% digital experience with the hope that around 3,000 people will be connected at the same time. By purchasing their access, attendees will receive six conferences, an e-book on each exposed topic, a workshop to define their financial strategy for 2021, a stand-up comedy presentation, trivia and benefits granted by the sponsors. In addition, 10% of all ticket sales are used for social causes aimed at promoting financial literacy.

Why is a personal finance festival important?

We are facing an unprecedented economic context. The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the Mexican and world economies, as well as the finances and incomes of the population, a severe blow.

What is the goal of this year?

Create a unique and interactive digital experience with valuable information and useful tools to reactivate or strengthen participants’ personal finances and help them close this year 2020 on a stable basis.

When will it take place?

The event will take place on Saturday October 24, 2020 and is a full day dedicated to personal funding.

Where will it take place?

This edition is broadcast live digitally so we can apply the appropriate health measures and the best part is that we can reach a lot more people all over Mexico and Latin America.

What are the main activities of this festival?

The event will hold 6 lectures in the morning and conclude with a presentation on the financial stand-up. In the afternoon there will be a workshop to develop a financial strategy for a better year 2021. During the broadcast, dynamics such as surveys, interesting facts, competitions, quick and simple tips from specialists from other countries and much more are shown.

Who are the specialists who will take part in this edition?

  • Sofía Macías, author of the bestseller Little capitalist pig
  • Adina Chelminsky, author of the book Cabrona and millionaire
  • Isabella Cota, macroeconomic journalist
  • Silvia Singer, General Director of the Interactive Economic Museum, MIDE
  • Manuel Wigueras, investment specialist, director of The lake of business
  • Alfonso Marcelo, specialist in personal finance
  • Leví Alvarado, creator of Suicide Godínez
  • Daniel Urías, director and founder of Financial cooltura
  • 5 international specialists (Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras)

What are the topics for this year?

Debt control, investing, self-analyzing your financial situation, entrepreneurship, financial resilience, saving for retirement and future vision, reading the financial news in the middle of a pandemic, and more.

Where can I find more information about purchasing tickets and what is the access price?

The site is and the prices of the inputs will be broken down into three phases starting with the sale on September 1st in PHASE 1 with a price of $ 399.00. This phase only lasts 15 days.

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