Would the quarantine in Mexico end until July?

The consulting firm BCG made an estimate of the worst-case scenario for the health emergency in various countries, but noted that its projections were taken out of context.

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A few days ago some national circulation media cited the internal report of the US firm Boston Consulting Group, which explained various estimates (from an optimistic and pessimistic perspective) of how long the health emergency would last in various countries. As reported by this document, in Mexico in an optimistic scenario, social distancing measures would end until the first week of July, extending to the third week of the month in a more pessimistic perspective.

Would the quarantine in Mexico end until July?
Would the quarantine in Mexico end until July?

However, the same firm released on April 5 a statement to the South African media (who were the first to release the information) saying that these estimates had not been authorized for publication in the media and that “the scenario and projections contained in The document reflects a range of possible outcomes, with a clear recognition of how things can unfold differently. We analyze data collected internally and externally to formulate these scenarios, and the data requires daily updates, given how quickly the situation changes. ”

So how long would the quarantine really last in Mexico?

The Health Council declared on Monday, March 30 that the suspension of non-essential activities will last until April 30. The measures that are part of the National Day of Sana Distance began on March 20 with the suspension of classes.

Of course, these dates may vary as the contingency develops in the country, so it is advisable to be attentive to the daily conferences of the health authorities at 19:00.

What are the non-essential activities that according to the Undersecretary of Health Hugo López-Gatell?

These are those activities that do not affect the substantive activity of a public social or private organization, or the rights of its users. These are:

  • Medical and health care
  • Public security
  • Legislative activity
  • Essential sectors for the economy
  • Social programs

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