“Worthless Coin” – McAfee says it never believed Bitcoin would hit a million dollars

In July 2017, John McAfee said he would “eat his own penis” if Bitcoin didn’t hit $ 500,000 in three years. Today BTC is trading around $ 9,130 ​​and its price must rise more than 5,376% to meet McAfee’s forecast.

John McAfee tweeted that if Bitcoin didn't hit $ 500,000, he would eat his cock

John McAfee tweeted that if Bitcoin did not hit $ 500,000, he would eat his own penis. Source: John McAfee’s Twitter

“Worthless Coin” – McAfee says it never believed Bitcoin would hit a million dollars
“Worthless Coin” – McAfee says it never believed Bitcoin would hit a million dollars

Usually, Bitcoin has clearly not reached $ 500,000 in the past three years. Not only that, McAfee also appears to be withdrawing its million dollar forecast for BTC.

Last year, McAfee said it was confident Bitcoin would hit the millions of dollars. Said Negativity in the cryptocurrency market was exaggerated especially considering that Bitcoin was in the middle of $ 10,000.

But on July 19, 2020 McAfee said::

“I won’t change my mind. I never thought Bitcoin would reach a million dollars. It’s absurd. It’s an old, tired, worthless coin. I just wanted to eat my penis on TV. Wait for it.”

McAfee withdraws from the million dollar forecast

Since mid-2019 Bitcoin’s price dropped from around $ 13,900 to $ 9,100. after one McAfee fell 34% over a 12 month period and was no longer confident about its million dollar forecast for BTC.

In July 2019, McAfee said::

Bitcoin is in the mid-10s and people are worried. LMFAO !! Why do you pay attention to weekly fluctuations? Check out the FFS of the past few months! It is increasing dramatically. I’m still not sure if my BTC price will be in the millions by the end of 2020. Altcoins like MTC and Apollo will increase tenfold. “

Contrary to expectations, it also seems that way McAfee called the end of 2020 the date of its $ 500,000 forecast for Bitcoin.

When questioned by various cryptocurrency enthusiasts, McAfee cited a website called dickening.com. The website says that McAfee “promised to eat his own penis” if BTC does not reach $ 1 million by December 31, 2020.

McAfee said he is “well documented” that his bet went to him December 31 of this year, not for July 2020. When asked about the bet, He confirmed that if BTC did not reach USD 500,000, he would continue to bet.

He said:

“It is well documented that I will eat my cock on December 31, 2020, not July of this year. Google the bet. The “in three years” was a reference to this date. The creator of this tweet has not examined it. I’ll eat it you play! I or maybe a subcontractor 🙂 “

Max Keizer sarcastically says McAfee “kept his bet”

Max Keizer, the host of “The Keizer Report” and investor of Bitcoin, he said that sarcastically McAfee must now recover in the hospital after the bet has been fulfilled.

“John McAfee fulfilled his bet three years ago to bite his penis when Bitcoin is not at $ 500,000. GOOD NEWS: He is well in the hospital and is expected to recover fully.” said Keizer.

Naturally, McAfee’s story shows that its predictions have to be compared to a grain of salt. For example, His graceful US presidential campaign now appears to be idle. Then, In May 2020, McAfee questioned its own price forecast, leaving many confused.

However for McAfee wins the bet that the current price of BTC should increase by at least 10,000% in the next five months.

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