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The financial model of Tru Reputation Protocol:

The Tru Reputation Protocol is not only easy way of work but also stand in a strong base foundation. The Tru Reputation Protocol is founded on the tru reputed protocol network. The Tru Reputation Protocol flowing chart shows us about the tru reputation model price token chart. The chart shows us the price of tru reputation token and reputation data supply line. It shows quantity of reputation data reputation data demand. It also shows equilibrium prices of The Tru Reputation Protocol. The tru reputation network applies a tru network transaction fee to all queries and Reputation Data creation activities. This fee is made up of the cost of the query in Ethereum Gas + 100%. This additional fee is then split evenly between the tru Reputation Network to cover costs of running and holders of tru Reputation Tokens. The flowing information shows the transaction broke down:-

§ Ethereum gas fee 50%


§ Tru Reputation network share 25%

§ Tru reputation token owner share 25%

The tru reputation network fees only 6% and award reserve for 96% out of 100%. So this is a opportunity base network for all the companies. When reputation data is created, an Award is calculated by the tru reputation oracle service based on the Equilibrium Price minus the tru network transaction fee.

The tru reputation awards example are given below:

· The tru Network transaction fee is only 6%.

· The tru network Party # 1 award share 31.33%.

· The tru network Party # 2 award share is 31.33%.

· The tru network platform award share 37.33%.

· 25% of every tru network transaction fee is distributed to the holders tru Reputation Tokens providing long-term stability to the tru Reputation Network.

The tru reputation network is providing long term stability to the tru network protocol. The tru network providing award and giving spontaneous award are giving to the tru reputation token holder.

Benefits and advantages of Tru Reputation Protocol:

The Tru Reputation Protocol is a platform that providing the simple path of reputation and rating in digital ecosystem. The tru reputation protocol is based on 30 years old that have been proven time and again to be unreliable and prone to fraud. The Tru Reputation Protocol is stand on the virtual digital environment is soul source of platform for company’s reputation and rating. The Tru Reputation Protocol will be source soul of reputation for only reputation & rating platform to offer persistence and platform agnosticism. The Tru Reputation Protocol is only reputation & rating solution to reward contributions with an innovative economic model. The tru reputation protocol is innovative and proven patent-pending Reputation technology. The tru reputation protocol reputation solution is to be built with the distributed web at its heart- the solution for the next generation of disruptive apps. The Tru Reputation Protocol is massively scalable network that leverages the cutting edge in distributed apps, the blockchain and off-blockchain technologies. The Tru Reputation Protocol is full file with many benefits and advantages that all the company can take to grow up their reputation and rating. Every company can trust the Tru Reputation Protocol as their best friend to up right reputation and rating. Besides this A company can contribute on the Tru Reputation Protocol’s share. It will also help a company make a tru relation with the Tru Reputation Protocol.

The Tru Reputation Networks necessity:

At present and coming further time the tru reputation networks will gain trust in all general and business individual. How people value and create value from their feedback with the growth of Web technologies enabling the vision of a distributed web by the tru reputation network. It will help its customer with the block chain protocol. So their security will be higher and unbreakable. The tru reputation network will work for the company and business’s reputation and rating with technology of web 2 and web 3. The tru reputation a network is non-reputable, easy to consume, and crosses generational and cultural divides. We believe that the reputation network will become a vital part of the bridging that chasm for its flexibility.

Monitoring system of Tru Reputation Protocol :

Now a day’s digitalization is all over the world. The tru reputation protocol is digital system that monitors their system digitally and highly secures way. The tru reputation protocol (has strong manpower to monitor their work whether it is working or not. The tru reputation protocol made a monitoring sell to monitor their work. This monitoring sell always alert to solve any problem of protocol. This monitoring cell not only work for monitor but also work for solve the entire mistake took place during working time. Their monitoring system is world best monitoring system.

More over from the above discussion, anybody can say tru reputation protocol and tru reputation network is world best system to improve and famous our company reputation and rating. So we should be contract with the tru reputation protocol team for our tension relive to improve our reputation and rating throw digital marketing in our digital environment ecosystem.

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