With these questions you can define the vision of your company

Learn to write the long-term objectives of your company and motivate the entire organization to go in search of a common goal.

The opinions expressed by employees are personal.

The Vision of a company is the long-term objective that the owner or who runs the organization. And most importantly: it expresses its values ​​and sets the standard on how the company and its workers must face day to day. If the Mission must explain who we are, the Vision points where we are going.

With these questions you can define the vision of your company
With these questions you can define the vision of your company

Therefore, it is important to be broad enough to cover and include all areas of the organization (systems, human resources, production, finance, etc.). And, at the same time, it must seduce external clients: community, shareholders, potential clients, etc.

Finally, it must be a dream shared by everyone in the organization and give light on how the company should be in the future. If correctly stated, it should help each person in the company know how to act in a certain situation.

In a consolidated company, the revision of the Vision can help to redirect the business or refound fundamental aspects, especially from the point of view of the mystique it generates.

In new ventures it is key, because it serves as the lighthouse that marks the ideal route to follow.

If you want to work on this concept in your company, we recommend that you ask yourself the following questions, involving as many people as you deem necessary.

  • How will this company be when it has reached maturity (or continues to grow) in a few years?
  • What will be the main products and services you will offer?
  • Who will work in the company?
  • What will be the key values ​​and attitudes of the company?
  • How will customers, workers and people in general who are related to it talk about the company?

It is recommended that, at the end of the process, a group hopefully external to the company analyze the Vision and deliver their comments. There are probably ideas that are clear to the team that has worked on the project, but not to a person who reads it for the first time.

Example 1 – Telmex

Strengthen Telmex's leadership in the national market, expanding its penetration of telecommunications services in all possible markets, to position us as one of the fastest and best growing companies worldwide.

Example 2 – Chicken Campero

To be the chain of chicken restaurants, of Latin origin, leader in the whole world.

Example 3 – Disney

More and more people want to have fun and in many different ways.

[This Vision is complemented by its Mission: Fun people]

Example 4 – The Imaginary Factory

Take advantage of our talent and creativity to transform companies and people into better companies and better people. And, incidentally, try to change the world.

Example 5 – Anonymous (academic year)

By closing our eyes and imagining the future, we see that the Club generates positive changes in all the people who make it up. These, in turn, positively influence their families and organizations by extending the effect to regions and countries. A substantial, lasting and global improvement is the result of our work. Also, we see all our associates highly recognized for their contribution, whatever the environment in which they participate.

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