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With these accessories, you can work more productively from home

May 29, 2020

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With these accessories, you can work more productively from homeWith these accessories, you can work more productively from home

Disclaimer: Our aim is to present products and services that we think you find interesting and useful. If you buy them, en Español could receive a small portion of the proceeds from the sale of our business partners.

Some people have a harder time getting into the reality of I work from home what else. Now that most offices around the world are considering keeping theirs forever HomeworkIt is up to all of us to find out how we can improve our workplace at home.

Instead of struggling to create new routines, it may be time to invest in some consumables for you Home office. After all, it can take a while for life to return to normal (when it is back to normal). So you need to make sure that your home workspace is up to date.

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If you’re used to working with a dual display, limiting the field to a laptop may not be as productive. The Acer SB220Q will solve this problem. The 21.5-inch Full HD monitor seamlessly connects to your current monitor and allows you to work on two screens for more effective multitasking and better organization.

An ergonomic office chair for comfort

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Comfort makes a significant contribution to being more productive. This ergonomic office chair is fully adjustable to ensure you find the perfect fit to enter the largest concentration range. If you feel more comfortable, you can concentrate better and make your working day more efficient.

A laptop stand to prevent neck strain

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The Rain Design mStand laptop stand is compatible with Apple Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and many other laptops and raises the laptop screen at eye level for better ergonomics and a smoother experience. It also makes it easier to connect a laptop to a larger monitor.

A keyboard and mouse for productivity

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Enjoy more flexibility at home with this combination. The Logitech MK550 Wave wireless keyboard and mouse combination provides an incredibly responsive and responsive keyboard that reduces the stress of typing all day, while the extreme responsiveness of the mouse lets you fly through your applications and programs.

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The blue light emitted by screens can lead to macular degeneration over time. You should therefore wear safety glasses if you work with screens all day. ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses provide your eyes with the protection they need without compromising the clarity of their screen.

A Bluetooth headset for video conference calls

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Just because you work from home, you don’t have to skip calls. This noise-canceling Bluetooth headset with microphone is the setup you need for clear, clear and seamless conferences. There are no cables to tangle up so you can do other things during the call, and the noise canceling microphone even ensures that children and the dog do not come to the call.

A yoga mat for the midday exercise
Image: Amazon

You cannot go to the gym or yoga class while we are in quarantine. With the BalanceFrom GoYoga all-purpose yoga mat, you have a personal gym at home. With this extremely durable, high-density mat, you can follow exercise and yoga videos just like the professionals.

An LED desk lamp for optimal lighting

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Good lighting is essential for every home office. The TaoTronics LED desk lamp offers a soft, fully adjustable light to reduce the strain on the eyes and to give you a comfortable setup. With seven levels of brightness and touch controls, it’s easy to find the perfect lighting for you.

A central charging station for all your electronics

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When you’re in the office, finding an empty charging station is probably never a problem. The iClever USB charging station ensures that your home office has plugs everywhere. With this extremely versatile high-performance charging station, you will use your laptop and smartphone more frequently. So make sure they never run out of power.