Win up to £300 a month thanks to your Google Page Rank

I – Win up to £300 a month or more, thanks to your Google Page Rank



Win up to £300 a month thanks to your Google Page Rank
Win up to £300 a month thanks to your Google Page Rank

Rank 3

Single bonus of €50 then €25**

Rank 4


Rank 5


Rank 6


Rank 7 and above


* Monthly bonuses are deposited to your ACF-Webmaster account every month after a full calendar month of display, as long as the terms and conditions are respected.

II – How do you receive your bonus in 3 stages?

1. Registration

If you are already a ACF-Webmaster affiliate, go directly to Stage 2.
If not, first sign up to ACF-webmaster by clicking here after you have found out about the offer.

2. Validation

Test the eligibility of your site by clicking here: Page Rank*, then make your request by clicking here.
You will receive a confirmation validation by email.

3. Installation

Install the code which will be emailed to you onto the home page of your site. This HTML code (tag) will change on the 1st of every month to keep your site up to date and it will display a banner from a Group 770 site along with a text description.
For example, click here

*Page Rank is the indicator of the number of visitors which go to your site, so it is normal that the higher your Page Rank is the more you will make

III -Is your site validated? Receive your bonus coupons and newsletter now

Provided you have satisfied the other terms and conditions, after 30 calendar days of display have been completed, you will automatically receive 100 Super Bonus Tracker Coupons that you can give to your players, along with your newsletter.


– Sites with a Page Rank 3:
You will receive a 50 euros prime after you have displayed the banners for the first 30 calendar days following your registration. Then a €25 no deposit code coupon will be emailed to you at the beginning of each month if conditions are met.
This code coupon will be credited to your Casino770 account. Please take the time to read the general conditions of code coupon use at Casino770.

– Super Tracker Bonus coupons allow you to:
– Win 4X MORE than with a standard affiliation scheme. You can easily distribute these Super Tracker Bonus coupons by email, SMS, post, forum, blogs

– You affiliate your players even if they signed up several days after (directly on the Casino site or by a search engine). So 100% of your clients acquired by these coupons become YOUR players!

– Additional revenue:
It is also possible for you to make extra CPA and commissions by displaying banners and promotional offers from our partner sites. Visit for more information.

– Page Rank:
You can check the eligibility of your site by clicking here: Page Rank.

– New:
The Page Rank bonus is compatible and valid for all options.

– Contact:
For any other information or site validation, write to:

To receive the Google Rank bonus, you must:

– Update your home page, blog or forum at least once a week,
– Have your site validated after registration,
– Fill in and accept all conditions indicated below that are required by ACF-webmaster.

IV – Preconditions for registration, include site validation and the maintenance of a monthly salary according to your Google Page Rank.

1.1 Only proper domain names are accepted.

For Example: are the only domain names .tld
(Top Level Domain like .com, .org, .fr, .net, etc.) accepted.

*If you have 10 domains, there is no need to redirect everything towards the same index, as on ACF-Webmaster, you have to integrate every site (url) as a sub-account to differentiate your statistics and bonuses at the end of every month on your ACF-webmaster administrator account. (Maximum 10 sites per IP/family/household.

1.2 HTML tag display must be respected

– 1 banner (468×60) form a Group 770 site, visible in the first vertical third part of your site when you open it,

– 1 promotions text description, advantages and bonuses are offered by sites from the Group 770 below this banner

NB: Choose your language and banners according to locality and language of your site/s.


The fixed monthly commission offer according to Google Page Rank, is strictly reserved for sites that have an average minimum of 300 unique visitors per month


To keep your monthly Page Rank bonus, a HTML tag which will change every month will be sent to you by email at the start of every month. This monthly update will allow your site to keep up to date on a daily basis with Casino770 promotions.
If you do not wish to take advantage of this, you can continue to get your commissions and CPA but without the Rank bonus.


Payments are made at the start of the month, the due date of the 1st of the calendar month of display. To find out about payment methods and their conditions, see 5.2 Payment conditions general terms and conditions.


If your site still does not have the minimum Page Rank, you still have the right to get commissions on wins. When your site obtains a PR3 you have the right to get a fixed monthly commission.


ACF-Webmaster has the right to refuse this offer to sites of a pornographic nature, all sites directing towards sites of a pornographic nature and all sites which contain illegal or immoral content.


ACF-Webmaster can choose not to renew the Page Rank offer on the 1st of the next month by notifying the webmaster by email if the site stops being eligible for the offer.

Contact us / Validate your site / Testimonies / Site demo example / General offer conditions / Video demo / Verify your Page Rank / Verify the average number of visitors to your site

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