Will the pandemic permanently change trading rules?

Business rules have changed in recent months and created many new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Are the changes really continuing?

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Will the pandemic permanently change trading rules?
Will the pandemic permanently change trading rules?

The US restaurant industry has been pushing for a radical idea for years: restaurants should be able to sell take-away alcohol. But very few legislators have supported this.

Then COVID-19 arrived. To ensure the survival of restaurants, more than 30 states have temporarily changed their laws to allow alcohol to be sold outside the company. The consumers are excited. In polls, up to 85% say they want to quit alcohol forever. Now the industry has new ambitions. “Our goal is to make these temporary regulations permanent,” said Mike Whatley, vice president of state and local affairs for the National Restaurant Association.

Changes in the industry

This is not an isolated story. As the pandemic changes industry, it has changed the rules that govern it. “Governments say, ‘You know, we have fairly restrictive laws,'” said Matt Ridley, author of How Innovation Works and a member of the House of Lords. “I think this will be a time for entrepreneurs to change the way we work.”

According to Ridley, employers must look for falling barriers to take advantage of these benefits. Telemedicine is a perfect example. United States law once restricted how physicians can contact patients and receive reimbursement for virtual visits. This has changed recently, leading to a boom in remote healthcare and opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop new solutions. The same applies to other industries in which laws once made interruption difficult.

“For example, if you were thinking of starting a new airline with a completely new model for handling passengers, etc. It could be a very good time, “says Ridley.” Many airlines can be missed. A crisis is a time when headlines lose energy and create new territory for competitors. “

The market rules

What happens if these legislative changes are really only temporary? Here Uber can serve as a useful guide, says Ridley. The famous (and notorious) company expanded into new cities, even though local laws prohibit it. When lawmakers caught up, people loved Uber and were angry with their local government for trying to stop it. Uber generally won the fight.

“I don’t suggest people break the law,” Ridley says, but there is still a lesson to learn. Laws are now interpreted differently, especially in areas that are useful during a pandemic. If an entrepreneur can take an opportunity to demonstrate how valuable his new idea is, he can change consumer expectations forever.


Stan Khlevner knows that well. He is the founder of Airzus, a company that uses drones to map construction sites. I’ve wanted to test drone deliveries for a long time, but that violated the FAA rules. When the pandemic started, he still called the FAA to ask if he could supply the necessary supplies to people trapped in his home, and to his surprise, the FAA said yes. He had started reinterpreting his rules and now he said this: Drone operators can make deliveries … but they must be able to see the drone at all times.

With this release, Khlevner launched a brand called Dive Delivery, which operates in two California counties. Her packages contain two face masks and a bottle of hand disinfectant, it is very popular and makes you want more. “Almost all customers who received drone deliveries asked: ‘When can we order more?’ “he comments. “People are ready for it.”

What comes next is unknown. But now, perhaps more than ever, experts say that employers can influence future laws. That’s why Whatley of the National Restaurant Association wants employers to proudly promote their new legal services. “Put it on social media,” he says. “We have seen many of them go viral, especially the alcohol problem based on a restaurant owner who has tweeted about it and has received customer support. The more people get used to ordering a margarita with their favorite taco, the more difficult it will be for lawmakers to take them away. “

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