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Will the altcoins season come, which will increase the market capitalization of the market?

May 14, 2020

Today, the integration of altcoins or alternative currencies into the market is becoming increasingly tangible.

Many experts in the digital market have highlighted their different positions and analyzes regarding investments in altcoins and highlighted the ability to invest considering the current risks where growth is seen as uneven. Coin owners and bidders can only base their trust on the success of the acceptance.

The chances are good The market’s altcoins, including those closest to Bitcoin, significantly decrease their value in relation to themThis clearly shows that none of the users of these coins are immune to losses.

Will the altcoins season come, which will increase the market capitalization of the market?Will the altcoins season come, which will increase the market capitalization of the market?

“Currently, investors can invest in altcoins and make 300x profits. In the most humble scenario, the market will grow to $ 11 trillion, and if bullish momentum continues, the capitalization indicator will reach $ 32 trillion.” Benjamin Cowan, associate professor at the UCD School of Information and Communication Studies, said.

Dan Morehead in turn, The director of Pantera Capital repeated the analysis on NewsBlockchain. The numbers are even higher, totaling $ 40 trillion. Morehead made no explanation based on these numbers.

Changpeng Zhao, head of the Binance exchange, believes that this year awill increase market capitalization in cryptocurrencies This highlights the interest of central banks in many countries in adopting this blockchain technology for their state economies and financial structures.

“Our goal is to enable mass acceptance of cryptocurrencies in society. It is important for them to be able to offer our community a wide range of the most interesting cryptocurrencies on the market, especially in the current market environment in which we have seen their growth. the transaction ability of cryptocurrencies. This makes us believe that 2020 is the year Altcoins started. “Ramón Ferraz, CEO of 2gether.

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, predicts this In 2020, around 95% of old coins could be withdrawn from the market. The consolidation of digital assets will affect around 3,000 coins and tokens. They are not provided with anything and are not useful because they are an exclusively speculative product. Altcoins, which are in demand in a current everyday environment, have the opportunity to prevail.

Altcoins are alternative digital currencies to Bitcoin that are mainly based on developing improvements to Bitcoin For example, the ability to build decentralized applications where developers try, among other things, to create a product that performs faster transactions.

Bitcoin and Ethereum, bubbles or investment?

Many experts classify cryptocurrencies as speculative investments, but that will still have a way Bitcoin has stabilized through constant fluctuations in value since its collapse in recent years, but what about Ethereum? Experts in this industry point out that fluctuation will always be lower than that of Bitcoin due to its more speculative face Ethereum is considered as a real currency with more solid prices.

In 2017, Bitcoin was the pioneer of the market Despite analysts’ predictions that it would be a bubble that would burst at any time, its value continued to grow, reaching more than $ 20,000 this year.

“The cryptocurrency bubble continues to drain very quickly, but economists are not surprised. The economic impact of this collapse is limited because the bubble was never too popular. The consequences will be more personal,” said Paul Donovan, an analyst at UBS.

If you watch the movements of both cryptocurrencies, you can see that they are correlated in terms of their parallel paths, which means that even with different percentages, one never sinks and the other gains in value.

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