Will Smith invites you to spend the night at The Prince of Rap’s house.

Local guests are invited to relax in a wing of one of the most iconic homes on TV on Airbnb.

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Will Smith invites you to spend the night at The Prince of Rap’s house.
Will Smith invites you to spend the night at The Prince of Rap’s house.

Does Will Smith came from Philadelphia to Bel Air (where he was born and raised) to refresh the lives of the Banks family and everyone in this luxurious area of ​​California. To celebrate those unforgettable memories, precious life lessons and laughter that have lasted for decades. “The prince of rap “ He’s going to turn things around once more and invite you to spend a night at the house he called home.

The family residence is as modern as it was when “The Prince of Rap” called it home. Bold graffiti art, stylish interiors, timeless family portraits and Philly cheese steaks, which are served on silver platters, whisk guests away into luxury. Starting September 29 at 1 p.m. Mexico time, groups of up to two county residents The angel have the option to book one of five nostalgic stays in Will’s House Wing, which will take place on October 2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th and 14th. Reservations are only $ 30 (about 650 Mexican pesos) to confirm 30 years since Will first knocked on the door of this iconic Los Angeles home.

The stays are overnight in Will’s wing of the spectacular mansion with access to Will’s elegant bedroom and bathroom, a lounge area by the pool and an elegant dining room. On this evening the guests enjoy:

  • Put on a new pair of Air Jordans before playing basketball in the bedroom.
  • Play classics on the turntable all night long.
  • Rock a trendy look from Will’s wardrobe, from a diamond outfit to a star athlete look from the Atletico de Bel-Air team.
  • Sunbathe in luxurious lounge chairs by the pool.
  • To be greeted (virtually) in the mansion by none other than DJ Jazzy Jeff (the friend Uncle Phil always threw the door out)

Interested guests should note that the house rules strictly follow local COVID-19 guidelines. Those requesting a booking must provide evidence that they reside in Los Angeles County and currently live in the same house to minimize the risk. Guests can rest on the king-size bed knowing the house is cleaned in accordance with Airbnb’s CDC rules and expanded cleaning protocol.

Image: Airbnb

To help fans around the world have fun, DJ Jazzy Jeff will also be hosting an Airbnb Online Experience where guests will learn to spin and scratch like a hip hop legend. The guests can of course spend time with him in his home studio and shoot vinyl together in the “coolest” mansion in Los Angeles in honor of the good morning. Up-and-coming DJs can book this unique event from today at ABNB.CO/djjazzyjeff. The experience will take place on October 1st.

Image: Airbnb

To celebrate the sense of family and community that Will Smith and friends have given us all, Airbnb will make a donation to Boys Girls Clubs in Philadelphia, a charity that supports young people, including the neediest, through development programs. Skill building, leisure activities and empowerment tools. For those who want to experience the “coolest” vacation ever, they can apply for a booking * from September 29th at 1pm. Mexico time at

Image: Airbnb

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