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will fund projects affected by COVID-19

April 24, 2020

You can register your project by May 27th at the latest. Projects that are affected by contingency or have innovative solutions are preferred.

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will fund projects affected by COVID-19will fund projects affected by COVID-19

The Zapopan government, Jalisco, does not forget its entrepreneurs and opens its call for participation in the 9th edition of Zapopan Challenge, a program designed to promote free to entrepreneurs, so that they can convert an idea into a feasible and scalable business model, regardless of the phase in which your business idea is.

On this occasion, the Zapopan government program decided to introduce a methodology that would support and assist entrepreneurs affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Efforts, dynamism, resources and tools will focus on serving companies and businesses in the economic sectors most affected by the current contingency.

The number of beneficiaries for this edition is 60 companies and they are divided into two simultaneous plans:

The fog incubator. Operate projects at an early stage, from ideas or even projects in validation. In this first plan, projects are entered into which are formalized and are affected by the contingency in the ideation phases. However, they have not used an activity that confirms their business idea.

The accelerator pedal Supernova. You visit validated projects that are even billed. In this second plan, projects are received in the idea generation phase that directly support the eventuality and represent some economic activities such as customers, sales, product or / and service that are well defined and validated and try to expand their business through or to expand innovation.

The program

The Zapopan Challenge consists of:

  1. Physical coworking spaces. Ideal for creating a collaborative environment.
  2. Consultation. Tailored mentoring and training to bring entrepreneurs closer to financial, legal, administrative and creative tools.
  3. Financing. With the possibility to access funds from the municipal system with preferred conditions.
  4. Internationalization. The connection and opportunity to internationalize the best projects of the various innovation ecosystems.

This issue will last for 12 weekswith different approaches, including: food, tourism, entertainment, fintech, health, education and elderly care.

The call is already open and you can register your project latest on May 27th. You can register now here. Preference is given to projects that are affected by contingency or that have innovative solutions with a high degree of innovation in terms of product, service, process or business model as well as growth potential and initiatives from all parts of the world have a direct or indirect impact on the Zapopan community.

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