will clean up the free textbooks and deliver them gradually

Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, director of the Ministry of Public Education, reported that each of the 181 million free textbooks being distributed across Mexico for the next school year is being cleaned up to reassure families.

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will clean up the free textbooks and deliver them gradually
will clean up the free textbooks and deliver them gradually

Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, Minister of Public Education, ruled out the risk of the delivery of free textbooks as there are various hygiene procedures in place to ensure the health of girls, boys, adolescents and adolescents.

The Ministry of Public Education (SEP), through which National Commission for Free Textbooks (Conaliteg) reported the provision of 120 million teaching materials, two thirds of the more than 181 million materials planned for the 2020-2021 school cycle that begins August 24th.

During the seventh press conference on Education in the Treasury of the National Palace, accompanied by the General Director of Conaliteg, Antonio Meza Estrada, and the General Director of Educational Materials of the SEP, Aurora Saavedra Solá, Moctezuma Barragán recognized the obligation of school authorities, school leaders, supervisors, teachers and teachers, to adhere to the delivery of textbooks, stressing that in some cases the employees themselves go to distribution warehouses to expedite their delivery.

The Minister of Education highlighted the importance of free textbooks as educational tools and indicated that they form the basis for the content of the program. Study at home II for radio and television, with which the next school cycle officially begins.

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For that year, Conaliteg produced 8.2 million books for preschool; 109.4 million for elementary school; 28.8 million for secondary education; 12.5 million for Telesecundaria; 2.7 million for indigenous education; 117,000 copies in Braille and Big guy and 25.7 million as educational allowance for the National English Program; the National Program for School Coexistence; the full-time school program as well as the primary library and extension of primary education.

Staggered delivery

In due course, the General Director of Conaliteg, Antonio Meza Estrada, stated that the delivery of textbooks and teaching materials would be through staggered appointments at school locations with the support of mothers, fathers and / or tutors. and in exceptional cases look for the students at home. However, he reiterated that the specific organization for delivery to schools corresponds to each federal agency.

He also explained the production chain for free textbooks, which starts with content development, purchasing consumables, printing and storage, including various disinfectant treatments.

They are then brought to state and regional warehouses with the support of Seguridad Alimentaria Mexicana (Segalmex). the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) and the Secretariat of the Navy (Semar) with the aim of ensuring that the local authorities complete their delivery.

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