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Wibson has launched an app that shows which companies have user information

June 10, 2020

Wibson has launched an app that allows users to regain their privacy online and stay in control of their personal information. This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish from Argentina through a statement.

“With the goal of giving people back power over their personal data, the company has Wibson presents a new scenario in the digital world in which the user can assert his data protection rights”, Displayed by this company.

How many companies have your data? fifty? 100? Maybe more than 100? It’s hard to know there Every time we launch a website, make an online purchase, or use a social network, we provide information to a company“You stated in the statement.

Wibson has launched an app that shows which companies have user informationWibson has launched an app that shows which companies have user information

Then they added: “In recent years, and especially after the approval of the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) in Europe in 2018, people have realized that their privacy is important.”

In this context, Wibson was born and through an app, users can see which companies have their data and what kind of information they keep. This can include personal information, financial information, health information and interests.

User rights

Once the user finds out what the companies are, they can request that they erase their data and exercise their right to be forgotten, which is set out in RGPD and CCPA, the regulation that applies to personal data in California, United States .

Rodrigo Irarrázaval, CEO of Wibson, said:

“We launched Wibson in 2018 so users can monetize their personal information. During these years we have learned that you cannot monetize something that you do not control yet because the data is owned by the users but they still have no control over it. For this reason, we are now restarting and offer the technology with which people can exercise their rights to control their data. The app is now available worldwide. Before, I was only in four countries as a test. “

“By using Wibson, you can find companies that recognize you and know that you have your data. But you will also see companies that you do not even recognize and that are alarming. What’s the risk? The risk that a company has your data is very high, especially given the frequent theft of data, such as was the case recently with Easy Jet, ”said Wibson.

Rodrigo Irarrázaval added:

“There is data theft or data leaks every day. Wibson’s idea is to reduce risk and eliminate as many companies as possible that don’t add value to the user. From Wibson, we want to balance the data ecosystem and ensure that the true owners of data, the people, can control it. “

The app is currently available for Android, but the idea is that it will also be available for iOS in the future. “We want everyone to be able to control their privacy,” concluded Irarrázaval.

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