Why throwing away the “old bananas” is a must for your success

Those old ideas are on your pictorial counter and cost you thousands of dollars in productivity and opportunity.

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Why throwing away the “old bananas” is a must for your success
Why throwing away the “old bananas” is a must for your success

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  • If we don’t discard ideas that never came about, or rotten bananas, our business will start attracting flies, rot and slowing down.

You’ve probably walked past the kitchen counter, saw almost rotten bananas, and thought, oh, I’ll make a smoothie out of it tomorrow. Then the next day you see the same bananas and think I think it’s time to make banana bread! On the third day the bananas collect flies and there is no smoothie or banana bread in sight.

We do exactly the same thing in our stores, often without realizing it.

We set ourselves mile-high goals and task lists for days and always have ideas in the back of our minds. I think like this: when you first think of an idea, it’s green like an unripe banana. It is natural for an idea to mature for a few days and make it like a banana. But after a while, if you don’t respond to these ideas, they start to rot and take up mental and physical space.

If we don’t discard ideas that never came about, or rotten bananas, our business will start attracting flies, rot and slowing down.

Your business may have stale bananas like unfinished courses, unpaid bills, and unwritten articles. I don’t call them closed loops, but for the purposes of this article we’ll keep calling them rotten bananas. Let’s clean them up before we enter the new year.

Identify your old bananas

Ask yourself these four questions:

  1. How many unfinished projects do you currently have in progress? Would you rate these projects as a bit of a rotten banana smoothie or a nearly useless banana bread banana?
  2. Which of these projects are energizing you and which are overwhelming? If you’re not sure, just imagine if you didn’t have to and see how you feel. If you feel free, it may be okay to sell this idea to someone else or send it to the cemetery. If you’re passionate about it, it’s time to add time to your calendar to respond to.
  3. How many unpaid invoices do you have for your business? How overdue are these bills? Smoothie or banana bread? Take the time to address these issues today.
  4. How many other unclosed loops are floating? Renting contractors, updating websites, buying office space, launching YouTube channels? Take about 10 minutes to evaluate each one in order of importance and the time you sat on the idea. Then take some time on your schedule with your team to complete these actions and not get dragged.

When you’re done, give yourself some credit. Throwing some of these items in the trash creates a serious mental space for new (non-flying) customers to come to you.


Make a vow on the kitchen counter

Before we go any further, let’s make a vow to eat the bananas when they are ripe or to give them away in the future. s are inundated with ideas every day and some of them are right for us and need to be put into practice right away, while others are great ideas but not right right now. A mentor of mine had a mantra: “Good idea, stick to plan.” It may be wise to hire a coach or office manager to keep you in the loop when these ideas come up to determine if the plan is worth adjusting or if you need to stay on track.

Continue until 2021

Now look at your list and decide which items to advance with and which items to drop. We prepare the smoothie and the banana bread. You should come up with a detailed plan including outsourcing to complete these elements now. I would propose one project per quarter and throw all other ideas down to earth by 2022 for now.

You will be surprised how free you feel to have picked two to four large projects to focus on and complete next year. For example, next year I plan to start an intellectual writer, run a publishing company, and create magazines and content.

Cut your bananas

Now for our final step, let’s cut our banana for the rest of 2020. Yes, I mean this metaphor seriously.

You get three slices to pour into your company’s cereal bowl. Select the top three factors that will move your business forward before January 1, 2021. # 1 should be relatively important, # 2 should be followed closely, and # 3 should be completed in 2021 if needed.

My three slices include:

  1. Processes for operations
  2. Finish my demonstration diary and mini-course
  3. Start My Mastermind From My Author February 2021

As you set your three goals, think about who you must become to achieve those goals. You will likely automatically become more accountable, managerial, and patient when you run out of hundreds of microlenses. Resistance is natural here, but this process is important to speed up your progress, even if you have to slow down for the time being.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll make a smoothie.

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